These Parallels Between Netflix’s Heartstopper Trailer and the Alice Oseman Webcomic Are a Treat to the Eyes

These Parallels Between Netflix’s Heartstopper Trailer and the Alice Oseman Webcomic Are a Treat to the Eyes

There aren’t many days left for the premiere of Heartstopper on Netflix. While fans know that the series certainly isn’t going to disappoint, mostly because of how authentic it is to the source, they do not have a lot of content until then to keep them satiated. The trailer is all there is. Hence, here we are making the most out of it until we can stream the series on Netflix. Watch the trailer here to refresh your memory before we delve into the parallels right away!

Heartstopper on Netflix and the webcomic- why this adaptation is guaranteed to be a success

There is nothing book fans rejoice more in than when they see their favorite novels, comics, video games, and all other media coming to life on screens. While there are many adaptations where the creators make numerous differences, as they did in Bridgerton, there are many that also stay completely true to the source. As far as we can make from the trailer, Heartstopper seems to be a part of the second category.

There are numerous scenes from the webcomics that were in the trailer, as we will see later. In fact, even the casting of the Netflix Original looks completely like the one we have seen in the webcomic.

The parallel scenes between the live-action series and Alice Oseman’s webcomic

The beginning of all beginnings

No, we’re not talking about the big bang. For fans of Heartstopper, this phrase refers to the beginning of a new year, when Charlie sees Nick for the first time.

School seating chart or, perhaps, fate?

The only thing that can explain everyone’s favorite couple sitting together for an entire year in school is the word fate. Paulo Coelho said “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. Charlie wanted to go out with his “dream boy” in the series and, well, looks like he manifested it.

Awkward encounters

Half the yearning that fans adore in teenage romances comes to them in the form of awkward encounters when neither can muster up the courage to strike a conversation. In the case of Heartstopper, it was a series of “hi” that fans adored so much in the books that the creators has no option but to include it in the Netflix series.

The beginning of all beginnings- part 2

Ah, the scene where it all comes together, i.e.m the one where Nick figures out how he is going to spend time with Charlie.

More awkward encounters

Fans absolutely adored Nick in the webcomic. Despite being a confident young man, he finds himself not quite as eloquent in the presence of Charlie, leading to some very awkward yet hilarious encounters. One of them is this:

Stream Heartstopper on Netflix right on the day of its release for more of this adorable couple!

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