“Having those vulnerable moments”- Sadie Sink Sheds Light on Working Environment of Her Film ‘The Whale’

“Having those vulnerable moments”- Sadie Sink Sheds Light on Working Environment of Her Film ‘The Whale’

Sadie Sink, the star of Netflix’s Stranger Things, is keeping herself busy with the promotions of The Whale. She became a household name with her portrayal of Max Mayfield in the Duffer brothers series. Sink has slowly started to add more movies to resume after the conclusion of the fourth installment of the sci-fi series. Her latest is Darren Aronofsky’s psychological drama also starring 90s IT boy, Brandon Frasor. 

Ahead of the movie premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival, the star cast gathered together to promote the film. Sink was put in a tough spot when she was asked a rather difficult question, but she handled it very maturely. 

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Sadie Sink says the environment on the set of The Whale was extremely “supportive”

Darren brought his mastery of storytelling again in his movie The Whale. The film garnered much buzz for his and Frasor’s comeback, also for casting Gen Z’s sweetheart, Sadie Sink. The film required a lot of emotional scenes due to the subject of the script. Sadie delivered the raw emotional scenes because without the “bells and whistles” she could completely focus on her craft. The 20-year-old further expressed feelings contained in those scenes due to the small crew involved.

“Most of the scenes were just taking place in between two people so having those vulnerable moments just felt so contained and I felt really supported,” she said. Brandon also added that it was easier to convey those on camera because they had 3 weeks of rehearsal time.  

The film follows an English teacher who is suffering from extreme obesity. While dealing with his health complications, he is also trying to establish a connection with his estranged 17-year-old daughter. Despite the outstanding performance from the lead cast, the film has still managed to land itself in controversy. Sink’s fans will have more to look forward to. The actress stars in another movie about loss and grief in Dear Zoe

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Will you be watching The Whale when it releases on December 9?

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