Experience The ASMR With Pedro Alonso to Calm Your Money Heist Finale Anxieties

Experience The ASMR With Pedro Alonso to Calm Your Money Heist Finale Anxieties

Money Heist Season 5 part 2 has arrived. Fans are motivated and excited to watch all five episodes of Part 2 in one go. But Berlin reminds us to take a deep breath before.

Anxiety, excitement, tension, and depression are a part of our everyday life. As we grow older, life becomes more and more complicated. For Money Heist’s fans, Pedro Alonso, who plays the role of Berlin, decided to help out. He came up with an ASMR meditation video.

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The video showed up hours before the release of the finale as Berlin did his bit to calm fans down ahead of the swansong.

Berlin takes us to places that are close to nature. He explains, “I know that there are many people that are nervous, restless. People who don’t sleep because they are waiting for the fifth season of Money Heist. And it occurred to me I can do a relaxation session with all of you. Find yourself a comfortable and pleasant corner in your house, somewhere you are really comfortable, and once there, become aware of your body.”

Pedro Alonso has returned in the final season of Money Heist

Berlin is a charmer who has a great, deep voice. He is also a sociopath. Despite that, viewers are still in awe of the character because of his leadership qualities and zest at keeping the gang together and secure.

At the end of season 1, it is slowly revealed that Berlin is ill. Given his condition and the circumstances, he eventually put himself in the line of fire for the safety of the gang. This earned him raves in the eyes of the fans.

With such popularity, the showrunners of Money Heist brought Berlin back in the flashback scenes. These are essential, as he is the true mastermind of the Bank of Spain robbery. With the interest of the audience for Berlin, Netflix has brought a spin-off on the character.

We can expect Berlin will enter in Money Heist season 5 part 2. Have you seen the series finale of Money Heist?

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