Money Heist Series Trailer Breakdown – A Cinematic Marvel Released by Netflix

Money Heist Series Trailer Breakdown – A Cinematic Marvel Released by Netflix

“What started as a heist became a global phenomenon,” read the description of the Money Heist Series Trailer; released just a day before the world-renowned series meets its culmination. The video gives a great flashback of everything that has happened in this Spanish heist-drama and everything the entire group has gone through.

The two-minute-long video is a sort of recap for the viewers, to remind each one of us about the transition the characters in the show made. From being petty robbers to becoming the face of resistance, the red-hooded thieves really became the modern-day Robinhood. So let’s sit together and watch this Money Heist Series Trailer, while a rather mellow rendition of Bella Ciao plays in the background.

Money Heist Series Trailer Breakdown

The trailer takes us back to the first very first season of the show; the time when The Professor was establishing his dream team of robbers. Offering everyone a so-called “business proposal,” and an opportunity to be a part of a heist like no other.

The feeling is nostalgia through the first part of the video, with the memories of Berlin dictation the heist. The well-organized heist and printing money instead of stealing; no doubt the first two seasons have always been something to love.

We then see The Professor talk about how the mask is now a symbol of resistance, and to that we see Denver giggle in his classic tone. We then see the crew assemble for their second heist; which is the Bank of Spain heist, something Berlin always dreamed of. Cut to the horrifying shots from the heist, the moment where Nairobi was shot, with Tokyo’s words, “Everything can go to hell in a flash” echoing in our ears.

The crew has now officially become the enemy of the state, and war awaits them. But if we know anything about this group of individuals, it is that they will always resist until their last breath. “There are no big battles without big opponents,” is what Inspector Alicia says to the professor, and indeed this is now the biggest of battles.

Check out the Money Heist Series Trailer to relive all the moments of this magical journey once again and prepare yourself for the final showdown on Netflix, of course.

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