Every Location Revealed by Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer – Check Who Is Where

Every Location Revealed by Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer – Check Who Is Where

The Duffer Brothers have a surprise for us. They are breaking down the trailer of Stranger Things season 4 and revealing the location of the show. It’s been two years, we all have been waiting for the show impatiently on the streaming giant. The fight between Eleven and Mind Flayer has scattered many lives. Eleven lost her powers and her father figure, Hopper. But by now, we know Hopper is alive and in Russia as a prisoner.

The entire gang tries to behave normally, but the Upside-down world will not leave them alone. This time, the war is just not around the small town, Hawkins. They are going to save the entire world. With the new season comes new locations. For the past 3 seasons, we have seen the gang wandering around Hawkins. In the new trailer, we became a witness to several new locations. Let’s find out what the Duffer Brothers have to reveal about the location of different characters.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Locations – Where is Everyone?

As Hopper is dead (thought by the characters of Stranger Things), Joyce takes Eleven with her two sons and moves out of Hawkins to the suburb of California. From the trailer, we take a hint that Will and Eleven are finding it hard to cope with the new high school environment in California. While Mike, Lucas, Max, Dustin, and Erica are still back in the based location of Mind Flayer, Hawkins.

Hopper is alive, but as a prisoner in Russia. But from the trailer, we guess, Joyce will find some hint about Hopper’s existence (The package!). As the entire group has split up, they are not in the best stable emotional state. They are not together, that’s their biggest weakness, which will find it difficult to solve the issues.

The Duffer Brothers explain, “Those are our three groups. This is our Game of Thrones season, very big in terms out of how spread out it is.”

So, some of the ultimate questions remain. Will Hooper ever be back to Hawkins and reunited with Eleven? How is the entire gang thinking of fighting the monsters upside-down, as Eleven has no powers now?

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