Does Executive Producer Drake Make an Appearance in ‘Top Boy’ Season 2?

Does Executive Producer Drake Make an Appearance in ‘Top Boy’ Season 2?

It is widely known how Drake swooped in to save the show that was Top Boy, but more on that later. The global rap star was supposed to have an appearance in season 1! Crazy right? And as much as we will love to see Drake pop up in the Netflix series, Top Boy season 2, it may never happen. 

The crime drama is back with a second season on the streaming platform on March 18th. All the original cast members are back – Ashley Walters, Kano, Little Sims, Michael Ward, Jasmine Jonson, and many more. With just eight episodes, it is easy enough to binge it on the weekends. 

Michael talks about Drake

Michael who plays Jamie expressed how excited he was to do a scene with Drake in season 1.

“I remember when he was supposed to play a role in the first season, there were a couple of scenes that we were supposed to have with him.”

“And I was just thinking to do a scene with Drake would actually be mad, because he’s a very good actor as well, you know,” he told Cosmopolitan UK. But that plan fell through. However, we are still in the dark about Drake’s supposed role in the series. Michael chose to take it to his grave. 

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Will Drake appear in Top Boy season 2?

Chances for Drake to appear in Top Boy season 2 are dim. Mainly because he would be out of place and would take viewers out of the narrative. Michael expressed the same sentiment, “Drake making an appearance would be kind of… I don’t know, I don’t think it would be right. Because, you’ve gotta remember, Top Boy is quite authentic.”

“So as soon as you see someone like Drake’s face, who is so huge in what he does … it might take you out. So I feel like just having it with the people from next door sort of vibe, it’s just better that way.”

In spite of that, Drake is part of the creative process as an executive producer. After Channel 4 canceled the show, Drake executive produced and renamed it: Top Boy: Summerhouse in 2019. Jasmine and Michael are both grateful to him for his support and his constant praises for the cast. 

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