Following the Success at Emmys, Netflix Brings Out Yet Another Ambitious Animated Project

Following the Success at Emmys, Netflix Brings Out Yet Another Ambitious Animated Project

The animated comedy genre is one of the most entertaining genres to watch. Off late, shows and movies that evolve out of it are big commercial successes. Moreover, they usually follow a multi-season arc, giving the audience enough content to binge on. Netflix also has a plethora of animated comedy shows and movies, and a new one is released now and then. Likewise, another animated comedy series, Oddballs, is all set to make its way on the streaming platform.

When in the mood for a comfortable watch, Netflix always offers something. After almost two years in production, Oddballs will soon premiere on the streamer. Here is all you need to know about this upcoming animated series.

Oddballs on Netflix

Created by James Rallison and Ethan Banville, Oddballs is an upcoming animated comedy series on Netflix. Recently, the streaming giant dropped the trailer of the show on its YouTube Channel along with a release date. This animated comedy series will premiere worldwide on the streaming platform on October 7.

Previously announced in June, Oddballs has been in the works for the past two years. Netflix Animation and Atomic cartoons are the production companies for this series. It is an adaptation of Rallison’s YouTube series, TheOdd1sout. However, the animated comedy will probably have the same humor. James announced the series on his YouTube channel by releasing a video explaining the creative process behind it and how it was created during the covid-19 pandemic.

Oddballs will follow the story of three friends, James, a bubble-shaped boy, and his friends Max, the crocodile, and Echo, a girl from the future. The trio goes on comedic rants, plotting schemes that often result in disaster but in a hilarious way.

Who is going to voice the characters in this upcoming series?

The creator and executive producer James Rallison will voice the bubble-shaped boy, James. In the sitcom Call Me Kat, star Julian Gant will be the voice behind Max, the crocodile. Previously, Julian was also a part of Real Steel and Love and Honour. Besides the two actors, extremely talented Kimberly Brooks will lend her voice to Echo. Brooks is also the voice behind Jasper in Steven Universe and Princess Allura in Voltron: Legendary Defender.

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