Cast of ‘Outlander’ Take A Fun Quiz About Their Knowledge Of The Show

Cast of ‘Outlander’ Take A Fun Quiz About Their Knowledge Of The Show

Almost after two years, Outlander is back with season 6 on STRAZ. Outlander explores the theme of period drama and also time travel, where Caitríona Balfe as Claire Randall, a World War II nurse of 1945, find herself transported to the past, 1743. The novel of the same name inspired the show by Diana Gabaldon.

If you still have not watched the latest season of Outlander, we can promise you this new season will represent an exhilarating story. The television series, Outlander, is an enormous hit among the viewers and received a lot of positive critical reviews. Collider claims the show as, “In its fifth season, the time travel period romance has truly found its footing. While the early seasons had a habit of wavering in quality, especially when it came to the pacing and an over-reliance on voice-over, the series has now found a new level of maturity which matches its central characters.” Jamie and Claire will face new challenges in the British colonies.

The lead cast from the show, including Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, Lauren Lyle, César Domboy, Maril Davis, and Matthew B. Roberts, joined together to play a quiz of the show, Outlander.

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Fun quiz on Outlander

The cast members were asked the following questions. Out of which, they tried their best to answer as accurately as they can. Check out the questions and see if you can answer it correctly.

What year does the story begin?

The story of Outlander begins in 1945, at the end of world war II. And then setting travel back to 1743, where Claire magically transported.

When Claire and Jamie are in Paris, where does Claire work?

Claire was working in a hospital as a military nurse for the World War II survivors.

Who is Brianna named after?

They named Brianna after Jamie’s father and her grandmother, Ellen.

Fergus changed his name from what French name?

Fergus changed his name to Claudel.

In order to travel through the stones, what does a traveler need?

They need gemstones to travel through the stones.

What is Jamie’s name when he’s working as a printer?

Alexander Malcolm is Jamie’s name when he was working as a printer.

What is Jamie’s son’s name?

Jamie’s son’s name is William.

Who was Roger a direct descendant of?

Roger was a direct descendant of Douglas.

What is Ian doing when he gets kidnapped in season 3?

He was looking for treasure.

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