Laverne Cox (Kacy Duke) And Katie Lowes (Rachel) Share Enthralling Filming Secrets From Inventing Anna

Laverne Cox (Kacy Duke) And Katie Lowes (Rachel) Share Enthralling Filming Secrets From Inventing Anna

After Inventing Anna became an enormous hit, everyone is still talking about it. Each real character related to Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin, looks a lot like the show’s cast. Shonda Rhimes clarifies that she was insistent on casting actors who resembled the real person. Furthermore, Rhimes also included actors from her previous works, a practice she often indulges in.

While this much was common knowledge, but like any other show Inventing Anna does have its secrets that only the cast and crew members know. What could these secrets be? Let’s find out.

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Spilling secrets from the sets of Inventing Anna

Recently, Cosmopolitan UK uploaded a video where the cast from Inventing Anna spills some filming secrets. The caption of the video read, “The highly anticipated Shonda Rhimes drama Inventing Anna has just dropped on Netflix! … We spoke to cast members Laverne Cox (Kacy) and Katie Lowes (Rachel) as they reveal all the juiciest filming secrets from the #InventingAnna set.”

  • Katie Lowes and Laverne Cox found out everything they could from Google and YouTube, to know more about Anna Delvey. Cox expresses about Anna’s story, “it’s really juicy and it’s hard not to sort of really be wrapped up in it.
  • Not all the cast met their real-life counterparts. Laverne Cox and Arian Moayed met their real-life counterparts and even chatted with them. But Katie Lowes never met her counterpart.
  • They actually shot the Morocco trip scene in the luxurious Morocco hotel where Anna Delvey stayed with Rachel, Kacy, and Jack.
  • Laverne Cox, who played the role of Kacy Duke, had to learn tennis, just for the filming. She had been a tennis fan all her life, but never played it. So, she took a few lessons to prep for her role.
  • It’s customary of Shonda Rhimes to treat her audience as smart people, who have to figure it out. Even though the cast knew the story, they were just as gripped as the audience. They found themselves rooting for characters.
  • They filmed some scenes as close to real-life as possible, like the courtroom scene where Rachel is interrogated by Todd Spodek. Rachel explains, “I remember rehearsing it and doing a take and the writer, Matt Burn, who was a writer of “Scandal” also, coming up to me and saying, “oh, no, no, no. I was in the courtroom when Rachel give her testimony and it was not just crying. It’s like ugly, ugly, sobbing.”

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