Cast, Crew, and Fans of Netflix’s Lucifer Share Their Experience

Cast, Crew, and Fans of Netflix’s Lucifer Share Their Experience

A rich journey of six seasons of one of the most popular fantasy series finally ends. After solving crime for 6 six years on Earth, the devil, Lucifer, now helps and therapizes the lost souls in Hell. As the final season streams on Netflix, the streaming giant released a video where Lucifer’s cast, crew, and fans share their experience of the show. It has been a rather emotional journey for all the people associated with Lucifer.

Casts and creators of Lucifer share their experience

Actors and crew share their overwhelming sentiments and attachments to their characters in an interview with Netflix. Tom Ellis, who played the titular role said, “I have loved every minute of it”. Certainly, most of the fans would agree with him.

But in the end, here they are, probably for one last time together, parting their ways with a heavy heart and a bag full of memories after six years. The cast and the creators of Lucifer also share their favorite moments from the show. The cumulative efforts of the entire team to keep the show going on for six seasons, give the series its heart and soul.

Ildy Modrovich, the executive producer of the series, while mentioning her favorite scenes says, “all of the musical ones, in particular, it was particularly when we go all bananas when Tom is singing and Ella was a showgirl.”

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In Tom Ellis’s words, Lucifer is full of different emotions and life – one day if he is doing something silly or ridiculous, the next day it will be an emotional scene, the next day Lucifer is singing a song, and the day after he is smashing some bad guys. It’s only for the loyal fanbase of Lucifer which carried the show for so many years. Aimee Garcia who played the role of Ella Lopez, gets emotional talking about the fanbase from all over the world.

Lucifer’s fans shared their experience

D.B. Woodside (Amanadiel) claims, “we have great writers, we have great actors, our crew is incredible, Netflix has been fantastic, but the thing which sticks with me the most – our fans.”

“You are why we have seasons four, five, and six.” Because of such a great loyal fan base, they ended the show on their terms,” says Ildy Modrovich.  

Towards the end of the video, the cast gleefully watches fans sharing their experience and how Lucifer made a difference in their lives.

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