Lucifer Season 6 Receives a Bitter Sweet Goodbye From Fans on Twitter

Lucifer Season 6 Receives a Bitter Sweet Goodbye From Fans on Twitter

Did you stay up late for the Lucifer season 6 release? Of course you did! Lucifer has been one of the most awaited shows and its last season is finally streaming on Netflix. With the series ending, Lucifans are having an emotional breakdown.

Any show is built upon its reception by the fans. Lucifans are the reason for this series to run for 6 seasons. Catch some fan reactions below –

Well, just like you, even we did not want this show to end, but we must remember that Netflix gave it a lease of life a few years back.


We are not sure how we will get over our beloved Morningstar!

Lucifer was also doubtful about taking up the Godship, but we have to make some decisions out of our hands. We got to be ready.


*Alcohol consumption is injurious to health.* But Linda is the only therapist we need counseling from at this moment.


I guess we all are crying here.

Lucifer Season 6

(No spoilers) The ruler of hell is going to take up a new job… almost! God (Dennis Haysbert) is effectively retiring and heading off to Goddess’ universe, and the position is offered to Lucifer. But just like everyone else, he also has reservations about the new role.

Lucifer is delaying his coronation. As the world unravels without a god, what will this Morningstar do in response? New villains and new challenges await Lucifer and your eyes when you stream the show. The 10 episodes last season also has callbacks and cameos, bringing the show a full circle.

Final Season release time

Lucifer Season 6 is streaming in the United States on September 10.

Lucifer Season 6 Trailer

“‘Priest Walks into a Bar’ was probably my favorite episode,” says Tom Ellis. Lauren German also picked the same episode from Season 1. They spoke about the same on EW’s Around The Table.

One last tweet –

The send-off is everything we asked for – drama, humor, heart, and closure. Though we never asked for the show to actually end. But, anyway, all good things must end.

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How do you feel about Lucifer ending?

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