Amidst the ‘Last of Us’ Global Success Netflix Brings Brad Pitt’s This Forgotten Zombie Outing on the Streaming Platform

Amidst the ‘Last of Us’ Global Success Netflix Brings Brad Pitt’s This Forgotten Zombie Outing on the Streaming Platform

Vampires have come and gone. There was a time when they were ruling movies and TV. Eventually, people got tired of it. But that isn’t the case with zombies. The undead creatures have remained in popularity, whether it is the Korean show All of Us Are Dead that is generating views on Netflix or the latest HBO hit, The Last of Us that is breaking records. One thing is certain: zombies are never going out of trend. With the renewed interest in the genre, Netflix has brought back a forgotten Brad Pitt zombie thriller to lure the audience that is looking to consume more zombie content. 

Over a decade ago in 2013, Brad Pitt appeared as Gerry Lane, a former UN investigator in the action horror film, World War Z. The film follows a long-haired Pitt as he leads the army to find the source of the infection that is turning humans into brainless zombies. The perilous journey includes navigating zombie-swarmed cities to find a cure that could halt the pandemic. 

The zombie thriller was a blockbuster upon release. It earned around $540 million in global box office figures over its budget of $190 million. It was based on Max Brooks’ novel of the same name and Marc Forster directed the thriller. Since Netflix is currently streaming the movie, fans are reminded of how they were robbed of a sequel. 

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Will we get a sequel to Brad Pitt starrer World War Z?

With the figures that it generated at the box office, fans were expecting a sequel. After all, it is rare for Hollywood not to turn a popular movie into a franchise. In fact, a sequel was announced right after the success of the first one, and the makers had intended to turn it into a trilogy. However, things didn’t pan out well.

The sequel was to hit the theaters in 2016, but director JA Bayona left the project in 2016 due to his other commitments. The film was to go on the floors according to producer Dede Gardner in 2018. But there were some conflicts with Pitt’s busy schedule. Eventually, the film was put on pause in 2019 due to budget constraints. And finally, the sequel was shelved ultimately. Even though we are not getting a sequel, we can still watch the 59-year-old in his next action flick, Wolves

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