“At the Time, Almost All Cigarettes Were Unfiltered”, Why Does Cillian Murphy AKA Tommy in Peaky Blinders Smoke So Many Cigarettes??

“At the Time, Almost All Cigarettes Were Unfiltered”, Why Does Cillian Murphy AKA Tommy in Peaky Blinders Smoke So Many Cigarettes??

Tommy Shelby and cigarette goes hand in hand. Every Peaky Blinders fans are a witness to the evergreen style of the character. When it comes down to the number of cigarettes that Tommy smokes, you will be baffled! Throughout the six seasons, there have been so many questions floating around. All of them have one thing in common – Tommy’s cigarettes. How a man can smoke so many cigarettes? Why does he always put the back of the cigarette on his lips before smoking? It is safe to say that nobody could have played the character better than Cillian Murphy.

We are here to dig deeper into the questions and find out the details behind the smoking habits on the sets of Peaky Blinders.

It is a British period crime drama television series by Steven Knight, starring Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, and Paul Anderson. The plot develops around an urban youth gang that became active after World War I.

Recently Beaky Plinders tweeted a photo of Tommy Shelby played by Cillian Murphy. They have mentioned how cigarettes did not exist until 1954.

So, let’s figure out why Cillian always has a cigarette in his mouth?

Cillian Murphy character trivia from Peaky Blinders

They showed the character of Tommy Shelby as a chain smoker. The character is never talking or doing anything without a cigarette. In a conversation with the Independent, Murphy revealed that he smoked about 3000 cigarettes throughout the filming of Season 2. Murphy claimed, that at that age, people used to smoke a lot. But during the filming, he only used herbal cigarettes, which are not addictive, because they are tobacco and nicotine-free.

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In a tweet, Beaky Plinders claimed Tommy is smoking filtrated cigarettes, which were not discovered until 1954. So, what did the people do before that?

“At the time, almost all cigarettes were unfiltered. In the early 1950s, scientific reports showed just how dangerous smoking could be.”

In the conversation with the U.S. Sun, they have also asked that “Why does Tommy Shelby put his cigarette on his lips before smoking?” In which Murphy explains he dampens the end of the cigarettes and the prop department cut the filter out.

Even Tommy has his perfect style of smoking cigarettes. First, he rubs the filter of the cigarette around his lips and then smokes. Murphy claimed that these little things develop over the course of the show in a YouTube video.

Disclaimer: We are not promoting smoking in any way. Just highlighting the devotion of the actor and how much the actor has gone through to develop a particular character. 

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