As Alfie Solomons Is Ending With ‘Peaky Blinders’, Tom Hardy Returns on Netflix as James Delaney in ‘Taboo’, Streaming Now on Netflix

As Alfie Solomons Is Ending With ‘Peaky Blinders’, Tom Hardy Returns on Netflix as James Delaney in ‘Taboo’, Streaming Now on Netflix

Peaky Blinders is Tommy’s show. There is no doubt about that. He runs the family and the business. But if there is anyone who matches Tommy’s mystic energy, it has to be Alife. Alfie Solomons on Peaky Blinders is played by none other than Tom Hardy. Tom is an amazing actor who has been a part of great movies and tv series over the years.

But one of his shows remained rather unnoticed until now. Thanks to Netflix, we now have access to one of the greatest British shows, which he got after Peaky Blinders.

Tom Hardy goes from Peaky Blinders to Taboo

Steven knight has undoubtedly created a niche for himself in the tv industry. He is the guy who makes historical dramas with his unpredictable twists and dark noir setting.

While Taboo may not have the high taste fashion of Peaky Blinders, it is still one of the most intriguing shows ever created by the 57-year-old writer.

After working with Steven on Peaky Blinders, this marks Tom and Steven’s second collaboration, but all the spotlights are on Tom this time.

What’s the show about?

The eight-part gothic thriller, set in 1814, stars Hardy as James Delaney, a moody, battle-scarred adventurer who returns to London after learning of his father’s death.

His old acquaintances think him dead, having sailed ship for the New World 12 years before, and it’s reasonable to assume that his reappearance shakes the citizens of the dreary, corrupt metropolis.

His poisoned father left him nothing except a bit of plot of property in Nootka Sound, on the west coast of North America, right in the middle of the struggle between England and the newly founded United States.

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Those around him advise him to sell everything for a low price and move on. But vengeful Delaney refuses, sparking spats between a bunch of political types.

Where to watch the show?

As we said before thanks to Netflix Taboo is available for streaming in many countries including the UK, where the show originated. However, in the US show can be accessed on Hulu.

Now that Peaky Blinders will be ending after its sixth season. It is a perfect time to watch Taboo to quench your thirst for dark gritty historical shows. And of course, it is needless to say Tom is his exceptional self in the show.

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