Army of Thieves: Is Safecracking Really Possible?

Army of Thieves: Is Safecracking Really Possible?

Army of Thieves is Netflix 2021 science fiction film by Matthias Schweighöfer and written by Zack Snyder. It is the prequel to the Army of the Dead. Matthias Schweighöfer, who played the role of Dieter from the Army of the Thieves, made his character an expert safecracker to carry out next-to-impossible heist across Europe.

Every heist film has always one of those scenes where the treasure is found by an intelligent, smart member of the heist tribe. One wrong move can rupture the entire mission, or they could end up in prison for their whole life.

Fans have been very intrigued by the safe-cracking experience and wanted to know that is it really possible?

So, safe crack experts Dominic, who is a science communicator, and Kat, an electrical engineer, join to experiment- is it possible to open the safecracker from Army of Thieves.

Kate explained, “these are mechanical things, so it has to do with all the gears and the mechanical components.”

Transparent Combo Lock

Kate and Dominic decide to cover their eyes and ears, to check that they cannibal to open the safecracker only with sounds. Looking at it will be easy, but shutting down your senses is the most difficult part. Even the direction of the rotation of the gear is also needed to be done correctly.

Meet the Experts

Kate met some safe cracker experts who were in business for a long amount of time. Dave Richardson and Jim Richardson are the experts of safecrackers who have been in business for 35 years. They shared a horrific incident from their life, that Dave was dying in a vault. Jim added, “he is basically trapped between two safe doors, two vault doors, running out of air, and sweating like a pig.” So, Jim cracked the safe to save Dave’s life.

As per the expert opinions, movies have shown safe cracking from time to time vaguely.

Experts Reaction

Dave and Jim are very shocked by the details of the safe in the Army of Thieves. Dave claimed, “that is what the audience should see, that is beautifully done.”

It’s hard for them to believe that it’s not realistic. As for us, we are impressed by the crew of the Army of Thieves.

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