“It was extremely freezing cold..” – How the Animators of ‘Demon Slayer’ Risked Their Health to Get the Perfectly Realistic Setting for the Show

“It was extremely freezing cold..” – How the Animators of ‘Demon Slayer’ Risked Their Health to Get the Perfectly Realistic Setting for the Show

Animes might be a more escalated form of cartoons, but the creators try their best to make them as realistic as possible. It has been revealed multiple times how the makers of the show try to adapt the scenes from real life. They do it in order to give the audience a pragmatic experience. One such anime is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The show debuted in the year 2019 and got an extensive appreciation for its unique story arc and, more importantly, its real-looking visuals. In the same year, the producer of the show producer Yuma Takahashi spoke about how the animators of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba went beyond their limits to make the show look as realistic as possible.

The animators went above and beyond in order to create Tanjiro’s house and its surroundings. As Takahashi told Anime News Network, “We found a place where there was tons of snow to inspire us in creating Tanjiro’s homeland, although it was extremely freezing cold, and at one point there was some risk of us getting lost up there.”

The efforts of the animators included climbing various icy slopes. They aimed to obtain a sense of what would ultimately serve as a reference for the landscape shown in the debut episode. But why did the creators do that?

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The reason behind the minute detailing of Demon Slayer

The show takes place during the Taisho period. However, the makers did not really do a recce for that period. What they really did was rely on real-life locations that would not only enhance the visuals but also look magnificently realistic. Takahashi admitted that going into extreme weather conditions was not really necessary. However, they wanted the debut episode to set a benchmark and were ready to take all the measures to make it legendary.

Makers also believed that even the slightest mistake will ruin the emotional arc of the lead character Tanjiro for the fans. Moreover, they wanted to resonate the appalling past of the lead with the snowy mountains shown in the debut episode. Apparently, it was not just the first episode that looked realistic. As the story progressed, there were many such scenes where it was difficult to differentiate between reality and fiction.

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