Watch: The Characters of ‘Demon Slayer’ Out of Demon Hunting and in a School

Watch: The Characters of ‘Demon Slayer’ Out of Demon Hunting and in a School

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has always been a show famous for gruesome bloodshed and fights that give us goosebumps. Even though it is just cartoon characters fighting each other, the bloodshed shakes fans to the core and in no way feels unrealistic. Hence, the show’s production studio, Ufotable, decided to bring its fans some lighthearted show content, which they can enjoy between the two seasons.

And that is why the show’s lead characters are brought in to help the weebs relax after a spine-chilling season. You can watch the main characters go to school like regular students. In other words, the traumatized slayers of the show have starred in relaxed, slice-of-life limited episodes, which are out now on Crunchyroll.

The segment is called Junior High and High School! Kimetsu Academy Story consists of 7 shorts. These shorts are about a minute or three long and are available in dubbed versions with subtitles.

The episodes will feature lead characters in totally new avatars. For example, Tanjiro will have to get dressed in a uniform while giving up all his accessories, including his Hanafuda earrings. Will there be a hint of this in Season 3 or will it be a completely new story?

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What is Demon Slayer season 3 all about?

Season 3 of the show is titled Swordsmith Village arc and is expected to have 11 or 12 episodes. It will begin with Tanjiro’s journey to Swordsmith Village to get his sword fixed. The demons begin to chase Tanjiro as he makes his way to the settlement and then begins an all-out assault. But most importantly, it will be his search for a solution to his sister Nezuko’s demonic control.

After Netflix finally launched season two of the show, fans have been eagerly awaiting season 3 of the show. However, the OTT has not confirmed the release of season 3 yet, hence the only plausible source is Crunchyroll. Although, as per Polygon, its premiere on Crunchyroll has not been confirmed.

The show is set to release in April; a confirmed date is not yet set. The good news is that a special release of just the first episode of the show will be done on March 3 in selected theaters.

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