“Almost got my d-ck ripped off”: Jackass 4.5 Stuns With Stunts as the Beloved Cast Returns on Netflix

“Almost got my d-ck ripped off”: Jackass 4.5 Stuns With Stunts as the Beloved Cast Returns on Netflix

While we had a dearth of content to watch for the last two years of the pandemic, we really can’t complain now that we have too many things to watch! Too many fan favorites are coming back this year and one of them is the comedy reality show Jackass Forever. The fourth film in the Jackass franchise mainly involves the cast doing some wild stunts and skits to entertain the viewers. Jeff Tremaine directed movie stars Steve-O, Dave England, Wee Man, Danger Ehren, Chris Pontius, Preston Lucy, Johnny Knoxville, and more. But since there was just too much footage, it was all compiled in Jackass 4.5 on Netflix. 

What extra stunts can you expect from Jackass 4.5 on Netflix? 

The never before seen footage reveals even more ridiculous stunts, one that almost ripped off Dave England’s d*ck! The stunt did long-term damage to Ehren McGhehey and Dave Englund. Although that was the first thing they shot, unfortunately, it never quite made the movie.

You’ll see it was the closest I think I really could have come to ripping my d-ck off. It almost got ripped off,” said Dave. 

The scene never made it to the final cut well because they were too many d*cks in the movie and the director decided it was enough! 

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Does Party Boy make an appearance in the long cut? 

Party Boy is probably the most popular character in the Jackass franchise. But much to the disappointment of the fans, Chris Pontius’s Party Boy didn’t appear as much in the movie. The movie lacked big Party Boy moments because the pandemic made it hard to do pranks on real people. 

His character mainly loves going to different stereo stores and shocking people after stripping off and dancing. However, Party Boy fans can still see him briefly during the end credits. He’s hard to miss with that famous thong! 

Well, even if fans couldn’t see the stunts in the movie, they can catch Jackass 4.5 on Netflix

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