After ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Success, Stephanie Hsu Teases Her New Movie With Ryan Gosling

Everything Everywhere All at Once is collecting every award, everywhere, all at once. The science fiction flick has managed to generate excitement among the viewers that many only associate to superhero movies now. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise when Michelle Yeoh bagged most of the Best Actress awards this season and is a frontrunner for the Best Actress at the Oscars 2023. However, it is Stephanie Hsu whose performance as a supporting actress that has generated unprecedented hype.

While fans were convinced that she will be taking home the gold for her Everything Everywhere All at Once performance, the actress has another exciting role lined up. And this project too with the likes of Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling, seems to be aiming for glory.

What is next for Stephanie Hsu?

The actress was arguably a new face in Everything Everywhere All at Once. However, the seasoned performance that she presented had everyone doubting the fact. Hsu has mostly been doing theatre and small roles in Karen the Computer and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The Oscar nominated science fiction movie was her claim to fame. And she is all ready to give back to fans with other great performances. The 32-year-old actress is all set to star in The Fall Guy with Ryan Gosling.

I’m almost finished,Hsu told The Hollywood Reporter about The Fall Guy filming.

Much like everyone, Stephanie Hsu has always been a Ryan Gosling fangirl. “I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan’s since forever,” she said. While she did not slip in any new details about her role in the movie, we know that it is a remake of the iconic 1980s television drama of the same name.

And seeing how Hsu effortlessly blends in the maddest of the multiverse fans have no doubt in mind that she will provide for a stellar performance in The Fall Guy as well.

Hsu joins the star studded cast of The Fall Guy

Not much is known about the movie, except that it is slated for a 2024 release date. And that it has a truckload of mega stars starring in it. Starting off with Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling, the cast of the thriller flick also includes Aaron Taylor Johnson.

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Hsu may be have been the lesser known of the lot earlier, but she will be walking in an equal footing after her Oscar nomination with Everything Everywhere All at Once, even if her co-star Jamie Lee Curtis bagged the award instead of her.

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