Ryan Gosling Is Back to the American Neo-Noir Flick ‘the Nice Guys’? Here’s the Latest Update

Ryan Gosling Is Back to the American Neo-Noir Flick ‘the Nice Guys’? Here’s the Latest Update

Bask in the glory of Nice Guys everyone! Ryan Gosling is bringing back the bygone era of buddy comedies along with Shane Black. Ryan Gosling was recently equipped with the shooting of Barbie, a contemporary and satirical take on the centuries-long Barbie movies. The bankable romantic hero and the critical darling whom we know for his out-of-the-box choices is ready to make the fans of fast-paced comedy action pretty content.

According to an exclusive report by Giant Freakin Robot, the former Marvel director and the Notebook actor are back to scripting, directing, and producing a sequel to the 2016 comedy thriller. However, whether Russell Crowe will join the crew and his Canadian co-star remains unknown as of now. For the title to make sense, however, his appearance is a must. But we cannot comment on it until any further official announcement.

Given the time constraints of both La La Land actor and Crowe, we also do not know when the production is likely to start. According to an IMDb report, the Gladiator star already has 10 future roles, with the nearest one being the Catholic horror film, The Pope’s Exorcist. As for Gosling, while we do know about his Greta Gerwig-directed flick, he will also be working in five more dramas in the future.

If you need to catch up with The Nice Guys, here’s everything you need to know.

Everything you need to know about the buddy comedy flick, starring Ryan Gosling

Helmed by the Lethal Weapon scriptwriter, the 2016 movie, The Nice Guys, saw Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe team up as lowlifes against the backdrop of Los Angeles. They get caught up in a conspiracy case involving an adult film actress, an anti-pollution protection group, and much more, leading the not-so-nice guys to open a detective agency under the name of Nice Guys.

Furthermore, it received a notable rating of 90% on Tomatometer and 7.3/10 on IMDb. The detectives notably earned a total profit of 1.28 US dollars. Now, with the sequel currently in making, the jubilant, gritty, and guilt-free lark will soon be here to endear your hearts. However, whether it will continue the Los Angeles trope or bring in new challenges is a matter of future concern. And we will soon be back with the most awaited news.

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Till then, do let us know in the comments below if you are excited about the sequel.

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