AEW Star MJF Goes Gaga Over Sadie Sink- ‘’There is something about Sadie Sink’’

AEW Star MJF Goes Gaga Over Sadie Sink- ‘’There is something about Sadie Sink’’

Stranger Things actress and the red-haired girl who managed to steal the show even when Taylor Swift’s soothing voice played in the background, Sadie Sink has made a place in all our hearts. The actress plays one of the most vital roles in Netflix’s thriller series. She is all set to once again blow us away with her beauty and talent in Darren Aronofsky’s psychological drama flick in December.

Sink is known to turn heads wherever she goes. And given his recent remarks, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, currently at the top of his game, will definitely be turning his head if he sees the Stranger Things actress. For those not in the know, Friedman, more popularly known as MJF, is a professional American wrestler. Currently, under All Elite Wrestling, MJF is back on television months after his “pipebomb” promo. Here is what the wrestler had to say about Sadie Sink.

Heres why MJF is smitten by Sadie Sink

MJF, the 26-year-old wrestler, made a blockbuster comeback with All Out where he won the Casino Ladder match. Following his comeback, the winning wrestler showed up on Barstool Sports’ Answer The Internet. When asked about which celebrity he would have a chance with, MJF answered without missing a beat. “Sadie Sink. There’s something about Sadie Sink. And maybe it is because I got like a redhead thing, but there is SOMETHING,” said MJF on ATI.

Looks like even the bulkiest of guys just melt when it comes to Max from Stranger Things. It is interesting that MJF mentions he has a thing for redheads. His fiance, Naomi Rosenblum, is also a redhead. Similar to the redhead actress, even she is brilliant at art. However, we seem to have some bad news for MJF because if recent reports are to be believed, then the actress is off the market.

Shipped with her Stranger Things co-star, Sink may be dating Patrick Alwyn. MJF’s recent return to wrestling has made fans very happy. After the wrestler exposed Tony Khan aka the founder of AEW, his supporters were afraid that he was gone for good. And the months of silence and no activity on his part definitely seemed to indicate he was not returning.

Watch Sadie Sink in Stranger Things on Netflix and you will understand why MFJ is all heart eyes for her.

Do you think MJF and Sadie Sink will look good together? Let us know in the comments below.

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