Aaron Ashmore to Play Austin’s Father in Ginny and Georgia Season 2 – Here Are All the Updates

Aaron Ashmore to Play Austin’s Father in Ginny and Georgia Season 2 – Here Are All the Updates

Gilmore Girls but with a more complicated life and sexy outlook? Ginny and Georgia serve the purpose. Created by Sarah Lampert, the show follows thirty-year-old Georgia Miller, who moved to New England with her kids. The complicated relationships, the murders, sexual consent, and everything is mind-boggling. After gaining large viewership, Netflix announced Ginny and Georgia season 2 back in April 2021.

And ever since, we are restlessly waiting for the show to hit our screens. And if you are wondering about the potential storyline, here we have covered all of it. Might as well tell you about the new cast member.

What could happen in season 2 of Ginny and Georgia?

The acme of Ginny and Georgia left us with a big question mark on our heads. Is Georgia involved in her husband’s death and disappearance? If that’s the case, the series will take a really dark turn in the upcoming season. We also saw many family members come, and these guest surprises might continue to amuse us.

Moreover, the Miller siblings left on a sad note at the end of the first season. In Ginny and Georgia season 2, they sure will have a space and can also reconcile with their mother, but Georgia will also have to face the consequences of her past actions. Predictions are also there that their father, Zion, might leave Boston to form a bond with his children. Now, if there’s still some chemistry between Georgia and Zion, it will create a problem for Georgina’s current relationship.

Lastly, we also see how Ginny has messed up a lot in her life. The second season might make it even worse or it better. And, although we aren’t sure what turn will Ginny’s social life will take, one thing we are sure about is her steamy relationship with the very hot, next-door neighbor and newfound love interest, Marcus.

So buckle up and be ready for a package full of excitement and some more roller coaster rides with our beloved Ginny and Georgina and their companions. Wait, who’s that new face you were talking about?

Aaron Ashmore is officially the new cast member

As we mentioned, there are many recurring characters appearing in the show. Potentially, Austin’s father and Georgina’s ex can make a grand entry to bring further drama to the plot. He was separated from Georgina after his sentence to jail because of embezzlement. And reportedly, the very talented, Aaron Ashmore, will play this role.

Apart from that, talks are also in the air that another character, Simone, a Boston native, will also make her appearance. Apparently, she is a lawyer and Zion’s current girlfriend. Having Ginny and Georgina at her doorstep will also give rise to a lot of dirty drama.

Ginny & Georgina season 2- release date and trailer

There is no official release date announced for Ginny and Georgina season 2, but we speculate that the show will bring drama to our screens around mid-late 2022. Further, there’s no trailer available for the same right now. But stay updated with us as we will keep you updated about everything that’s going around our beloved Ginny and Georgia.

Have you watched the series yet? what are your predictions for Ginny & Georgia season 2? Let us know in the comment section below.

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