Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Will Reveal Austin’s Father- Here’s Everything We Know About Georgia’s Ex-husband

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Will Reveal Austin’s Father- Here’s Everything We Know About Georgia’s Ex-husband

Ginny and Georgia, our favorite mother-daughter duo, have piqued our interest, and we can’t wait to learn more about them. Unfortunately, we do not have a release date for Ginny and Georgia season 2 yet. However, there is some wonderful news for you, the fans. Season 2 will feature a much-anticipated character: Gil Timmins, Georgia’s ex-husband, will make his first appearance on the show.

Who will play Gil Timmins in Ginny and Georgia season 2?

For Season 2, Aaron Ashmore has been cast as Austin’s father, Georgia’s ex-husband. His most well-known roles are for shows like Smallville, Killjoys, and Locke & Key.

The rest of the cast is the same as it was in season one of Ginny and Georgia. Brianne Howey plays Georgia Miller, and Antonia Gentry plays Ginny. Diesel La Torraca plays Austin Miller. Jennifer Robertson plays Ellen, Georgia’s next-door neighbor, and Felix Mallard portrays Marcus, Ellen’s adolescent son.

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Who is Austin’s Dad On ‘Ginny & Georgia’

Gil Timmins is Austin’s father, another man Georgia ran away from when their relationship fell apart. For Georgia’s ex-husband, Gil, the show didn’t give us a lot on him in season 1. Austin is nine years old, at the start of the show and Georgia is 30 now. So she had him when she was 21 with Gil, and she had Ginny when she was 15. Between splitting up with Zion and marrying Kenny, she had to have met Gil. However, we’ve already established that Austin’s father is terrible. We’ll finally discover Gil’s whereabouts.

We don’t know how Gil will re-enter Georgia’s life, but with him back and Ginny learning her mother’s secret, season 2 will be a roller coaster of emotions. We’ll see Georgia go through a lot of difficulties.

Season two, which will comprise ten hour-long episodes, began its filming in November 2021, so we can expect it to premiere in mid-late 2022. Until then, relive all of Ginny and Georgia season 1 episodes for all the drama.

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