Zendaya and John David Washington on ‘Malcolm & Marie’ movie review

Zendaya and John David Washington on ‘Malcolm & Marie’ movie review

Netflix today has released the movie ‘Malcolm & Marie‘. The movie features Zendaya whose popularity has increased with ‘Euphoria’ recently and John David Washington.

Hollywood, which is a city that never sleeps also had a slowdown in the industry. When the coronavirus pandemic first reached the U.S., the headquarters of the American film industry came to a pausing situation. As producers, directors, and also actors tried to have safely get back to the work environment. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed major movie and TV series releases.

Netflix’s new black-and-white drama by Euphoria collaborators Zendaya and Sam Levinson were one of the first productions to change the industry. The two had their focus to make a project that could benefit the crew of the show safely and also financially.

Below you can watch the video of Zendaya and John David Washington talks about the pandemic and the filming to ExtraTV.

In an interview, Sam Levinson mentioned some comments on the movie and said; “We wanted to use the restrictions of COVID as a challenge in terms of storytelling. We were thinking of telling a story that’s emotionally engaging and has tension with two actors and one house with Malcolm & Marie”.

How Did Malcolm & Marie Go into Production Easily?

On Monday, March 16, Levinson received the decision from HBO that Euphoria’s Season 2 had to close up. He mentions how Zendaya phoned him and asked if he could write and direct a movie during the quarantine. Within six days, Levinson had written Malcolm & Marie. When it came to who could be a match with Zendaya, Levinson kept hearing in his head the Tenet star John David Washington.

During the filming the cast and the crew wore masks, social distanced, and ate in designated scenes. No one was allowed to leave the property and no one besides the crew was allowed to enter. So, the filming was surely done in a covid-19 free area.

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