Your Guide to ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ on Netflix – Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, Locations, Trailer, and More

Your Guide to ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ on Netflix – Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, Locations, Trailer, and More

After The Perfect Family and Toscana, Wrong Side of the Tracks or Entrevías is the latest addition to Netflix’s regional content library. It has 2 seasons out in Spain, indicative of its definite success. It was already a hit when Netflix announced it because José Coronado and Luis Zahera were among the fan favorites of the cast. Now that it’s out, the reviews say it’s every bit worth watching. Wrong Side of Tracks is a Spanish drama that revolves in and around the drug world in Madrid, following a war veteran who is trying to save his granddaughter from it.

Wrong Side of the Tracks on Netflix is a realistic portrayal of the characters – say the reviews

The series has a 6.5 rating on IMDb. The reviews have praised the authenticity of the show and its grittiness. It deals with topics of social reforms, family, and crime. The plot is grippy and the characters have depth.

It is a portrait of a neighborhood,” says Manuel Villanueva, the director of content for Mediaset, who got the show to Netflix. It captures the neighborhood at its grassroots. The actors too have given justice to their characters. However, the show’s intensity might not be for everyone.

Two fan-favorite actors meet

José Coronado is a well-known Spanish actor; his Netflix works Your Son and Smoke and Mirrors are among fan favorites. He is playing Tírso, the war veteran, who is traditional in his ways and is grim after living the realities of war. Luis Zahera is known from Unauthorized Living on Netflix, where he worked alongside Coronado.

Zahera is playing Ezekiel, a corrupt policeman, who is friends with Tírso. Among others is Nona Solo as Irene and Felipe Londoño as Nelson.

Synopsis of the action-crime-comedy drama

Entrevías is an actual neighborhood in Spain, where the story takes place. Tírso is a war veteran, an old gritty man who lives his monotonous life. His 17-year-old granddaughter Irene, who a teenager and a bratty one at that, is adopted from Vietnam. There is a rising drug nuisance in the neighborhood and Irene falls prey to it.

She falls into the bad company of peddlers and smugglers and wants to run away with her boyfriend Nelson. For earning a living as a couple they get into drug trafficking and other crimes. Conflict starts when Irene gets into an inescapable problem and seeks Tírso’s help.

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That’s when he decides to protect her by eliminating the sticky problem. He tries to mold her rebel teen spirit with his orthodox ways but it goes wrong horribly. Her rebellion leads them into an encounter with the worst crime guys.

Wrong Side of the Tracks- Locations and Trailer

Most of the scenes in the show are filmed in Madrid itself, in the neighborhoods of Villaverde Alto and Plaza de San Andrés. Madrid is rich with medeival architecture as well as a modern one.

The diversity of the capital has lured many filmmakers to shoot there. Including Money Heist, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Bourne Ultimatum, and several others.

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Wrong Side of the Tracks is the kind of drama that is easily binge-able yet intense in its ways. It paints a clear picture with all the twists and turns and is an insightful amalgamation of the story with an authentic backdrop. Here check out the trailer:

The release date for the second season is not known. But if you’re sold on the series, you can stream season 1 on Netflix. Tell us in the comments what you think about the series.

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