Your Guide To Countdown On Netflix- Cast, Reviews, Part 2, And More

Your Guide To Countdown On Netflix- Cast, Reviews, Part 2, And More

Ever wondered how will you react if you already knew the exact time and date of your death? If you have not, you may now have to ponder upon the thought as Countdown on Netflix will bring you horrors if you try to alter your fate.

Countdown on Netflix- Synopsis

This techno-horror follows a nurse, Quinn, who downloads an app that claims to predict the exact moment a person will die. Earlier, a group of teenagers came across the app. Out of these kids, Courtney finds out she has only a few hours before she dies. As the clock stops ticking on the app, a supernatural creature kills her. In the same way, her boyfriend dies too.

Disturbed by the app, Quinn buys a new cell phone, but little did she know the app is already awaiting her pre-installed. Upon learning that she has only a little time to live, she now tries to break the curse along with Matt Monore, who is another victim of this horrendous app. The spooky twist here is if they try to alter the guidelines, users are haunted to death by the gory demonic figures.

Will they be able to save their lives before they run out of their time? You can only find it out by streaming Countdown on Netflix tonight! Mind you though, the technology-driven terrors will wreak havoc in your mind and make you want to throw your phone away.

Who are all counting down their lives in this supernatural horror film?

The movie, Countdown has a stellar cast that will bring blood-curdling terrors and belly-laughs at the same time:

  • Elizabeth Lail as Quinn Harris
  • Jordan Calloway as Matt Monro
  • Talitha Bateman as Jordan Harris
  • Tichina Arnold as Nurse Amy
  • P. J. Byrne as Father John
  • Peter Facinelli as Dr. Sullivan
  • Anne Winters as Courtney,
  • Matt Letscher as Charlie Harris
  • Dillon Lane is Evan, Courtney’s boyfriend.
  • Tom Segura as Derek
  • Charlie McDermott as Scott
  • Christina Pazsitzky as Krissy
  • Jeannie Elise Mai as Allie
  • Marisela Zumbado as Kate

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Will there be part 2 of Countdown on Netflix?

Although there are some plot holes like how Derek was originally going to be killed, however, it is explained towards the ending. But at the climax of this film, a notification pops up on Quinn’s phone about Countdown 2.0. One may consider it as a green light to the sequel, but it majorly depends on the reception this horror movie receives.

Moreover, it is unclear what will entail in part 2 if it ever gets a production. Maybe Quinn will have to fight yet another version of the app. But Derek will surely not be there.

What are the reviews for Countdown?

Although when STX Entertainment first brought this trepidation to cinemas, the film got a huge reception; it didn’t get favorable reviews from the critics.

“As dim on screen as it sounds on paper, Countdown is a wildly ineffective waste of a release date, a film out six days before Halloween yet likely to be forgotten within six hours.” Writes The Guardian; “Even on its own very, very basic terms, there are just too many scenes where characters act with utterly illogical idiocy, especially in the final act. Rather than screaming for them to go the other way, you’ll be urging them to accept fate and die instead.”

As per Variety, “Countdown” moves at a fair clip. But it’s the kind of pacing that feels not exciting but pushy, as if afraid you’ll notice otherwise how flimsy the writing is, and how non-existent the atmospherics.”

“The movie might technically be about a killer app, but it’s really a generic ghost/demon horror story. There’s no real examination of the technology or how it can be used to terrify people. Viewers looking for a schlocky (but not in the fun way) horror movie filled with jump scares might be satisfied by Countdown, but the scares grow tedious at times and the movie in between scares is downright boring.” Per Screenrant.

Moreover, the movie got an IMDb rating of 5.4/10, 26% on Rotten Tomatoes and 31% on Metacritic

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Countdown is now available on Netflix. As you watch this spine-chilling horror, let us know in the comment section below what do you think about this film?

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