Your Guide to ‘Borrego’ Streaming on Netflix – Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer, True Story, and More

Your Guide to ‘Borrego’ Streaming on Netflix – Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer, True Story, and More

Borrego is one of the numerous Netflix originals that are now popular. The recently released movie appears to have piqued the interest of viewers due to its enthralling tale, which takes you on an exciting adventure that you won’t want to end. Viewers also like the different messages conveyed in this film. You’ll be left feeling somewhat conflicted about what you thought you understood.

The film is teaching us that your worst adversary can one day become your greatest ally. Let us find out more about the film and if it is a worthy watch for this weekend.

What is Borrego on Netflix about?

Elly is a botanist in the Southwest who is researching invasive plant species. She observes an aircraft accident on her way home and investigates. At the collision site, she meets Tomas, a drug smuggler on the run from the cops. In the face of death, Elly promises to assist Tomas in reaching his destiny.

Unfortunately, Guillermo, the intended recipient of the drug package, believes he has been fooled. A pursuit through the desert ensues, with Elly and Tomas afraid for their life.

The amazing cast of the film

The movie also packs a great cast, making the movie’s watching experience even better. Starring in the film is Lucy Hale playing Elly. Lucy is most known for starring in the hit Pretty Little Liars series. Joining her is Nicholas Gonzalez, playing Jose. You all must remember Nicholas as the charming Dr. Neil Melendez on The Good Doctor.

Olivia Trujillo as Alex, Jorge A. Jimenez playing Guillermo, Leynar Gomez playing Tomas, Jaime Aymerich playing Juan Manuel, and Brendan McNamee as Trent are also in the film in crucial roles. Jesse Harris writes and directs the film.

Is Borrego a true story?

‘Borrego’ isn’t based on a genuine story. Jesse Harris came up with the initial premise for the film. It is just the amazing acting and the real on-site shooting of the movie that creates such an authentic atmosphere that one cannot believe it wouldn’t have real-life roots.

What are the reviews for the film?

Borrego is Jesse Harris’ only second feature film, so in no way is it a perfect film. It lacks the finesse of showing three separate storylines as a whole, and the pace, too, feels relatively slow at times.

However, the film redeems itself with lots of beautiful shots and especially through the acting of Hale. She carries the whole film with her acting making it at least a fun one-time watch. The currently has a 23%Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 5.4% star rating on IMDb.

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As the movie is only an hour and 45 minutes long, we feel it is a decent watch that will give you the much-needed thrill on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Stream the film on Netflix and let us know if you liked it?

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