Young Wallander Season 2 Is Much Mysterious Than It’s First Installment – Why You Must Watch It?

Young Wallander Season 2 Is Much Mysterious Than It’s First Installment – Why You Must Watch It?

Netflix has a soft spot for genius detectives with issues. On Netflix, you can stream all of the Sherlock Holmes movies and the Sherlock BBC series. Adding to the list of troubled detectives is Young Wallander on Netflix, and here are our reasons why you should watch it.

But before we go on and give you our opinion of whether you should stream the show or not, here are a few essential things you should know about the show:

Young Wallander on Netflix – story and cast

Even though the show did not do well with critics, the creators set the show in contemporary Sweden instead of the 1970s. Still, the show is a hit among the fans as they enjoy a prequel of sorts to the 2008 BBC Series Wallander starring Kenneth Branagh in the titular role.

So what all has happened till season 2, and what can we expect:

Kurt Wallander’s career in the police force got off to a rocky start in season one. He was horrified and compelled to leave his profession after seeing two brutal murders (a youngster in Malmö and his colleague Hemberg). Kurt was content with quitting the Police Department and spending more time with Mona towards the end of season one. Kurt will return to the Police Department in the new season and try his best to solve the cases.

The show has an impressive cast, with the show-stealer being Adam Pålsson as the young Wallander and the only Swede in the cast. Joining him are Richard Dillane, Leanne Best, Bart Edwards, and Yasen Atour. You might have seen Edwards and Yasen in The Witcher as Emhyr and Coën.

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What do the people have to say?

It seems like people are really enjoying the second season more than the first. With the show releasing yesterday on the 17th of February, it is getting great initial reactions from people on Twitter. Here are some of the tweets asking more of Wallander:

Young Wallander- binge-worthy or not?

The show’s first season was not so great, but it wasn’t bad either. However, the new season is looking really promising, and we feel it deserves a watch. The best thing about the second season is that now Wallander has things from his past that adds to his character and needless to say the mystery of the first season is still fresh.

Do stream Wallander on Netflix if you are hungry for mystery, and let us know if you liked it.

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