Young Wallander Season 2 Is Almost Here! What Awaits The Cop In This Season?

Young Wallander Season 2 Is Almost Here! What Awaits The Cop In This Season?

Balance and reliance are the fundamental elements of human society. For instance, if there is a crime, then there is the law. And if there is law, then there is constabulary. Seemingly, no one can agree more with this than Netflix. The streaming service has revealed the release date of yet another crime drama sequence. Young Wallander Season 2 is on its way to land on the platform on February 17th, 2022.

Notably, from the enthusiastic director Jens Jonsson and Ole Endresen, this show is based on the titular character Kurt Wallander of a novel series by Henning Mankell. Backpedaling to the 1980s to meet this chipper cop is not a terrible decision after all. Some may also believe it is a derivation of Swedish film series starring Krister Henriksson or a BBC English production starring Kenneth Branagh as Mr. Wallander. But that may not be the case. Set in a modern-day studio, it seems like a blundering bootstrap.

What brings Young Wallander back?

The first season follows recently graduated police officer Kurt Wallander as he investigates the case of a teenage soccer player who was murdered in his neighborhood. He feels guilty for not being able to save the kid’s life and gives his all to get to the core. The police manages to find out the victim but there was no evidence to press charge. All this made Kurt feel that he is not suitable for the police department. Hence, he left his job to spend some time with Mona, his girlfriend.

To conclude, Season one of Young Wallander included anti-immigration at home, nightclub smugglers, Mona and Monk connection, assassination closed, billionaires’ black tie, and bombs. However, the criminal went away without getting arrested.

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Supposedly, Young Wallander season 2 will be a continuation of season one, with Kurt getting an offer to join the force back and dig up yet another crime, as we can witness in the trailer. We can also see how the relationship between Mona and Wallander unfolds.

Moreover, a press release sent to Swedish outlet Moviezine from Adam Palsson revealed several things about the new season. The English translation reads, “I think the new case will be more lively, more exciting and even more gripping. We go further and the story widens when we get to know Reza, Rask, Mona and other characters even more. It is as if we have found a home: We know the universe and the characters better, we know which color palette we should paint with and with which touch” 

Cast and Episodes of Young Wallander season 2

Netflix has announced the entire list of the old and new cast of Young Wallander Season 2. It is as follows:

Adam Pålsson and Yasen Atour (who plays Kurt Wallander and Reza Al-Rahman respectively) are both confirmed to return for season 2 of Wallander so far.

Tomiwa Edun has been cast as Samuel Osei in season 2.

Lisa Hammond will play Roberta Modin in the new season.

Richard Dillon as superintended Joseph Heinberg.

Leanne Best as Frida Rask.


Ellise Chappell as Mona.

Charles Mnene as Bashir “Bash”

Jacob Collins-Levy as Karl-Axel Munck.

Alan Emrys as Gustav Munck.

Apart from that, the streaming service has confirmed there will be 6 episodes in this season as well.

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Appreciation for Kurt Wallander

Throughout the series, we witness Kurt Wallander to be a bright-eyed, honest young police officer. Although the series has its own flaws and drawbacks; fans, especially in Sweden and other Nordic countries, seemed to end up becoming great admirers of the lead character. The series was in The Top 10 charts of Netflix Sweden for 35 days straight. Well, a cop so determined and handsome; we cannot blame them.

So if you ever plan to be a cop in your life, don’t forget to take inspiration from Young Wallander.

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