Why ‘You’ Season 3 Will Not Release on Netflix in February 2021?

Why ‘You’ Season 3 Will Not Release on Netflix in February 2021?

YOU is a psychological thriller American series and produced by Warner Horizon Televisions. Our first meet with Goldberg was in one New York bookstore as he is a bookstore manager. The series basically cover the story of our handsome serial-killer Joe Goldberg. He treats his girlfriends with his passionate love.

The first relationship that we bear witness to was the one with Guinevere (Elizabeth Lail). Then during the scenes, the flashbacks of the memories of Golberg’s first love Candace (Ambyr Childers) appeared. That was almost explaining everything. Goldberg’s way of love is just so toxic and passionate to makes him obsessive for each of his girlfriends during the series.

Alongside the relationships, we are also having a chance to know well each character’s life. The second season followed the story of Joe as he moved to Los Angeles after his life got worse in New York. No doubt, the second season of YOU was even better and exciting. Because there was a new candidate for Joe, ”Quinn”( Victoria Pedretti ). We were also expecting a kinda similar story with the first season for the second one. However, the writers of the series gave us even a more dangerous character.

We know how much you missed this fast-moving series. We share your feelings! However, unhappily we learned that season 3 of YOU is not coming on Netflix in February 2021. The production for season 3 is still underway but we should wait more than longer. At least we know that they are filming, this is a nice hope for all of YOU fans. Also, we are glad that the cast and the filming crew had a chance to continue.

The good news that let us know the filming re-started appeared at the beginning of November on YOU’s official Twitter account. On the tweet, they didn’t forget to warn us for Joe Goldberg with these words: ”We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times. YOU S3 is back in production.”

Also, Netflix France gave us a sneak peek from the set with a picture of Penn Badgley for the role ”Goldberg” in season 3.

Penn Badgley on the set for season 3 – Credit: Netflix FR


When ‘YOU’ season 3 is expecting on Netflix?

According to the sources, the production for the upcoming season 3 will be continuing until April 2021. YOU fans know that this series worth waiting for even it’s not easy for us. Unfortunately, we don’t recommend you add the series to your wish list for the summer, 2021. If we count the fact that all the work is not about production, we may expect the series for the late fall.

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