You season 3 will not be on Netflix in July 2021

You season 3 will not be on Netflix in July 2021

Unfortunately, You season 3 will not be on the popular streaming platform Netflix in the following month. Here’s when we can expect it.

You series is a psychological thriller that follows the story of Joe Goldberg, who’s an obsessive young man. It first debuted on Lifetime, which is a TV channel, in 2018. Netflix decided to acquire the popular series based on Caroline Kepnes’ novels in 2019. The acquisition made the series much more popular. Currently, there are two seasons of You on Netflix. The third season was confirmed at the beginning of 2020, and fans have been waiting for it since. However, we won’t see You season 3 on Netflix in July 2021, either.

What is the release date of You season 3?

Fortunately, we have a solid and relatively close release window for You season 3. In an earlier earnings call, Netflix’s co-CEO and chief content officer Ted Sarandos announced that they were planning to release the season in Q4 2021. This means we’ll get to see You season 3 on the platform in October, November, or December. Even though that’s a pretty broad time range, we might figure out something more specific by guessing.

Showrunner Sera Gamble Shares An Update For You Season 3
You – Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s schedule for the last quarter of 2021 is pretty full. That’s because they also have popular series such as The Witcher season 2 and Money Heist season 5 in the same period. Even if it’s not confirmed, we can say Netflix would want to release those new installments as far away as possible. That’s because they’re all incredibly popular titles, and releasing them at the same time will likely not bring the best results for Netflix. Money Heist’s new season is going to be released in two parts, in September and November. Meanwhile, we do not currently know the release date of The Witcher season 2 but it’s presumably in October 2021. That’s because WitcherCon is coming up, and the official trailer will probably be released at that event. Given all that, You season 3 will probably release in early November or late December.

Take all those guesses with a grain of salt, as the only thing we know for certain is a Q4 release date for now.

What to expect from You season 3?

If we need to talk about the story, the main basis seems pretty obvious. The first two seasons of You were loosely based on Kepnes’ first two novels in her book series. Therefore, we can expect the next season to be inspired by the third novel, You Love Me. Don’t forget that Netflix exactly adapts the books to TV, and there’s always room for surprise.

The showrunner of the series gave us some insight as to what to expect from the new season. Sera Gamble talked about how the crew managed to shoot the season with zero cases, highlighting their success in that sense. Gamble also explained what she thought about the new episodes, and it sparks joy for fans, for sure. “… the episodes are fucking bonkers and the performances are insanely good,” said the showrunner on her Twitter thread. All in all, you can expect an excellent new season.

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