You season 3 updates: When will it come to Netflix?

You season 3 updates: When will it come to Netflix?

You‘ drama series one of the most anticipated and followed series since the day it was first released back in 2018. And the fans have been waiting for so long for its upcoming season after season 2 left everyone with huge suspense. But when will You season 3 come to Netflix finally?

The television series developed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble has been very popular since the day it first came out. The first season of the series was based on the 2014 novel by Caroline Kepnes, following a New York bookstore manager Joe Goldberg who is a serial killer that falls in love with a customer. And in the second season, we have witnessed Joe moving to Los Angeles and falling in love with local heiress Love Quinn. While the popular series manages to shock and excite us every single time, it also never stopped making us wonder what will happen next with leaving lots of questions on our minds as well. So here we are still waiting desperately dreaming about when will we ever be able to see more of Joe’s thrilling life with You season 3.

Like most of the other shows, the production for You season 3 was all going well until the pandemic hit the world and stopped the progress for a considerable amount of time. Production for the third season of You started again in November 2020, but it still seems to be continuing. Unfortunately, this means there are still other works for it to be done and ready after all. So, we still have to be patient and wait considering even if the filming wraps at any moment, post-production work and edits are still on the queue as well.

Besides all of that, here are what we know so far about You season 3 and the latest updates of it.

What is the synopsis of You season 3?

There isn’t an official synopsis for the third season but, according to the series’ Wikipedia page the title for season 3 is known to be “And They Lived Happily Ever After”. So, this also makes us wonder who Joe will have the chance to live happily ever after with and how will they ever manage to get that point among and after all that happened. Yes, we know that Joe has actually found his perfect match, but we also left him still wandering his eyes where they aren’t supposed to be just like he always does as well. It is really hard to wait with all of this thrill and curiosity in me, I have to admit.

How many episodes are in You season 3?

There were 10 episodes in both past seasons of You. And it has also been reported that the upcoming season would be the same with including 10 episodes in it.

When will ‘You’ season 3 release?

Since the filming isn’t still wrapped up, there isn’t also an official release date given as well. Although some predictions are showing the date of November 2021, we still can’t be sure certainly at this point. But we can at least say that we are closer to a date announcement more than ever, considering it has now been months since the filming started. So, even if they are still not finished, they have to be about to as well.

On the other side, the first two seasons were both released on Netflix in December of their years. So we may also see You season 3 in December 2021 as well. But of course, we all hope not to wait that long. Even if so, I hope that December 2021 would be our top release date and wouldn’t have to wait at least much longer than that somehow. What do you think and feel? Let us know down below in the comments!

But don’t worry! We will be keeping you updated with every step of the anticipated series about to make, so stay tuned! And as you wait, you may want to check out other good shows on Netflix to linger around as well.

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