“You Never Quite Know What to Expect With Tom”: Cillian Murphy on Tom Hardy’s Accent in Peaky Blinders and Their Relationship

“You Never Quite Know What to Expect With Tom”: Cillian Murphy on Tom Hardy’s Accent in Peaky Blinders  and Their Relationship

It’s time, It’s time to obsess over Peaky F***ing Blinders once more. The sets, costumes, undercut hairstyle, character development over the seasons, actor behind-the-scenes bonds, and more. Season 6 has officially premiered on BBC, and fans all over the world are thrilled about the first episode. Even if Netflix users can’t watch the episode yet, we can still obsess over the series and the actors. Old buddies Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy have one such bond to fixate over.

Peaky Blinders has been a part of our life since 2013, and the show has rarely let us down. We can say the same for actors Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. Both actors have given their best performances in every movie in which they have appeared. Whether it’s Cillian Murphy’s recent Quiet Place 2 or the sci-fi film 28 Days Later, or Tom Hardy’s Marvel’s Venom or The Revenant. These actors have consistently delivered. They’ve also brought their A-game to the British series Peaky Blinders. We’re bound to see some great dialogue deliveries whenever Thomas Shelby and Alfie Solomons share a room. When asked about his co-star Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy was vocal in his praise.

Alfie Solomons’ character came fully formed

When the BBC interviewer asked about Tom Hardy’s accent for the role, Cillian replied, “You never quite know what to expect with Tom but he absolutely, I mean that character came fully formed.” All of Tom Hardy’s insights and Steve Knight’s dialogues contributed to the iconic nature of the character Alfie Solomons. Tom Hardy has previously worked with Steve Knight on the drama-thriller Locke.

Alfie Solomons’s energy counters that of Thomas Shelby

Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy had to cross-shoot their scenes because their characters’ energies counter each other. He said, “Its like a piece of theatre, sometimes you have 20 minutes takes cause traditionally or conventionally you would shoot over the shoulder but yeah thats hard to do when you’re in these big big big scenes.”

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Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy films

We’ve been watching them on the big screen together since Inception, which was released in 2010. They then collaborated on The Dark Knight Rises. We last saw them together in the war film Dunkirk. Another intriguing connection between these films is that they are all directed by Christopher Nolan. So it’s safe to say that they’re one of the director’s favorite pairs to work with.

Peaky Blinders season 6 will be available on Netflix in some time. This will be the final season, full of twists and turns. We’ll finally find out how Tommy saves his family from Sir Oswald Mosley.

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