“You don’t want to see the clock!”: Why Did Matt Duffer Say So About the Clock in Stranger Things Season 4?

“You don’t want to see the clock!”: Why Did Matt Duffer Say So About the Clock in Stranger Things Season 4?

Why does it get spookier at Hawkins? Although we knew this season was good to get darker and more terrifying, that doesn’t mean we would be any less scared when we see the grandfather clock. Much like in the horror movie fashion, the grandfather clock is a bad omen in Stranger Things. And the Duffer brothers just confirmed our worst fears. Also, we think it’s at the epicenter of all things related to Upside Down. 

What is up with Grandfather clock in Stranger Things Season 4?

Other than the fact that it is creepy, the Duffer brothers themselves warned, “And you don’t want to see the clock! If you see the clock, it’s not great.” 

To give you a little context, in 2021 Netflix unveiled a teaser for the creel house. Although it is dilapidated now, it has a sick history. A whole family was murdered at the place. Victor Creel (Robert Englund) killed his entire family at the Creel House in the 1950s. The man was deemed mentally unstable and admitted to a psychiatric ward ever since the gruesome murders. 

The clock showed up again in the Stranger Things season 4 trailer along with Victor Creel. But it seems like the clock we saw in the trailer is the Upside Down counterpart. That brings us to the question: is it somehow connected to the Upside Down?

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Is the clock another portal to the Upside Down in Stranger Things?

Although it’s mere speculation at the moment, maybe it is. 

“It’s a really core part of the mystery that our Hawkins group is trying to solve. So I don’t want to give away too much other than to say this clock plays a very, very important role moving forward,” explained Ross Duffer. 

In the Creel House teaser clip Steve is using a sort of a compass to find something. Is it the attic where the clock is? Then again in the latest trailer, we see the entire gang enter the haunted house and stand in a circle. Maybe they have unknowingly put themselves in the “eye of the storm” that is about to come. And then there’s Max, who finds the clock in the school hallway. Right after, she gained new powers at Billy’s grave. This all seems to point the Upside Down. 

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