“You can count on one thing…”: Sam Heugan Spills Jamie and Claire’s Future in Outlander Season 7 as Season 6 Got Them Separated

“You can count on one thing…”: Sam Heugan Spills Jamie and Claire’s Future in Outlander Season 7 as Season 6 Got Them Separated

After 5 long seasons that left fans as excited as ever, Outlander season 6 did not disappoint fans either. As intense as the season finale was, it ended with the couple separated yet again. The timeless (pun intended) love story ended in tragedy once more. However, the fandom stays patient with the two, as it always has done. Here’s what actor Sam Heughan had to say about Jamie and Claire’s future and what fans can expect in season 7.

What happened to Jamie and Claire at the end of Outlander season 6?

Season 6 of the Netflix Original begins with Richard Brown breaking into the Fraser home to arrest Claire for the murder of Malva. As Claire is arrested and accused of being a witch, her husband, Fraser, faces accusations of impregnating the woman. The villagers are unaware of the fact that Malva had bedded at least two other men, a fact the couple knows but will not reveal for some reason.

Nonetheless, Outlander season 6 ends with Jamie safe and sound. By the end, Jamie did, in fact, manage to escape, and is on the run. But, his wife, Claire, is awaiting a trial for crimes she did not commit. Will the knight in shining armor save her? Well, we will see the answer to this in the upcoming season, of which filming has already begun.

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What will happen to Jamie and Claire in season 7?

As Jamie braces himself for the quest to save his wife, fans are expecting the two to reconcile as they have always done. The difference between the previous problems that the couple had and the current one lies in their reputation. Previously, the one thing that always stood by the Frasers was their impeccable social standing. But, this time around, it is the very thing that is on the line, making circumstances look extremely bleak for the two.

Heughan confirmed that in this season of the Netflix series, Jamie will go find his wife and will be successful. “The situation they’re in now, for Jamie certainly, he’s clearly gonna go find Claire and luckily does have some allies left.” As much as we have seen in the last two jam-packed episodes of season 6, we certainly can vouch for things to be very different for the two. This is something neither viewers, nor the Frasers were used to. Nonetheless, Heughan’s words “you can count on one thing and that’s that Jamie’s gonna go find Claire” serve as a lot of respite to fans.

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