Winona Ryder Reveals Her Secrets and Favorites From the World of Movies in Netflix Screen Test

Winona Ryder Reveals Her Secrets and Favorites From the World of Movies in Netflix Screen Test

The younger generation may not know but the older generation still remembers how big of a star Winona Ryder was back in the 80s and 90s. Her movies like Beetlejuice, and Edward Scissorhands were iconic. She made her debut on TV with the Duffer brothers’ Stranger Things as Joyce Byers. She has grown to become an integral part of the series. The actress recently appeared on the Netflix screen test to dish about her favorite movies and other things along with David Harbour, Caleb McLaughlin, and Sadie Sink. 

Winona Ryder calls Kiss Of The Spider Woman a masterpiece

Winona Ryder would love to watch The Kiss Of The Spider Woman for the first time if she could. She considers the Hector Babenco movie a modern “masterpiece”. However, her favorite musical is none other than West Side Story. The movie recently had a reboot thanks to Steven Spielberg. Stranger Things is considered one of the best sci-fi dramas ever made, and the actress thinks  Keanu Reeves’ Neo from Matrix can easily fit into the show.

On the other hand, David (Hopper) thinks Hoosiers’ Gene Hackman would make a great addition to the show. According to him, Gene can be food to the Demogorgons after delivering an inspirational speech to the kids. The teens disagree though. They think Martin McFly from Back To The Future would blend in just well with the Hawkins gang. 

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The actress also proved that she’s a cinephile when she admitted to having watched all the classics and quoting a line from The Outsiders. Apparently, the movie gets mentioned a lot on the sets!

Caleb admitted to never watching Star Wars and loving High School Musical. David Harbor, on the other hand, candidly revealed that the Duffer brothers think he sounds like Harrison Ford from Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark.

What happens to Joyce Byers in Volume 2?

Volume 1 left us with Joyce and Murray teaming up to enter the Russian camps to save Hopper. They reunited with Hopper but the new trailer revealed them approaching the Russian Upside Down gate.

Catch the next installment when it premieres on July 1.

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