Will Who Killed Sara season 3 be on Netflix in 2021?

Will Who Killed Sara season 3 be on Netflix in 2021?

Who Killed Sara season 2 is on Netflix after a short amount of time following the debut. But it’s season 3 on its way for 2021?

Who Killed Sara is a Netflix original Spanish-language crime drama that debuted in March 2021. It tells the story of Alex Guzman, who’s wrongly accused of killing her sister. After getting out of prison, he embarks on a quest to find who the real killer is.

Ever since its release on Netflix, the series has been widely popular among the subscribers. Even so, Netflix decided to release the second season of Who Killed Sara in less than a month after the first one. That’s because they filmed the first two seasons together. Still, viewers are very happy about this decision of the popular streaming service.

As Netflix released the second season in no time, Who Killed Sara fans are waiting for a similar approach for the third set of installments. Many people are hoping for Who Killed Sara to be released by the end of 2021. Is it possible though? Can Netflix release Who Killed Sara season 3 before the end of the year?

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Who Killed Sara – Credit: Netflix

What is the synopsis of Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara follows the quest of Alex Guzman. Guzman is wrongly accused of killing his own sister Sara, and he’s imprisoned for that. After spending 18 years in prison, he tries to find answers as to who actually killed his sister when he gets out. Alex’s quest becomes more and more complex as he finds out about the facts he wasn’t prepared for.

Here’s Netflix’s description of its popular mystery series:

“After being unjustly imprisoned for 18 years for the death of his sister, Alejandro Guzmán will return to the life of the powerful Lazcano family to reveal the secrets of the past, and take revenge on those responsible for Sara’s death.”

Is Who Killed Sara season 3 coming to Netflix in 2021?

Who Killed Sara released its two first seasons almost together. The interval between the releases is less than a month. That’s why we hope to see the third season on Netflix soon as well. However, it does not seem like they are going to be that fast this time. We know that Netflix has not filmed the third season alongside the first two seasons. This means they’ll have to take their time to prepare.

If we take into account the best scenario, we can say the third season is coming at the end of 2021. This is not likely though, as Netflix earlier announced some of the big productions that’ll be on the streaming service in Q4 2021. Unfortunately, Who Killed Sara season 3 was not among those. We’ll probably have to wait until 2022 for them to create, and then release the next season.

However, it’s best to keep our fingers crossed and wait for an official announcement. Who knows? Maybe Netflix can surprise us again!

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Who Killed Sara – Credit: Netflix

What is the release date of Who Killed Sara season 3?

Netflix has not announced anything official about the release date of Who Killed Sara Season 3. We guess they haven’t started filming yet, so they still have a long way to go until the release date. Early 2022 seems like a good bet.

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