Will Shadow and Bone season 2 be on Netflix in 2021?

Will Shadow and Bone season 2 be on Netflix in 2021?

Fans of the popular show Shadow and Bone are waiting for season 2 to come to Netflix by the end of 2021.

Shadow and Bone is a Netflix Original action-adventure series that premiered back this April. The viewers and the critics have adored the series since then. So, they are already longing for a new season of Shadow and Bone. Netflix hasn’t officially announced the second season yet. However, we’re almost sure that they will do it soon.

The renewal isn’t official yet, as we mentioned. But Netflix will probably make it public in no time, and the wait for the release date will start. Let’s check out when we can expect Shadow and Bone season 2 to be on the popular streaming platform.

Shadow and Bone season 2 renewal status

Various sources reported that Netflix renewed Shadow and Bone for a second season internally. This means they are already working on a new season, but it’s not public yet. If those reports are true, an official announcement is imminent.

This rumor is most probably true. That’s because Shadow and Bone broke the charts upon its release, and a new season would be a no-brainer for Netflix.

In addition to that, Shadow and Bone’s showrunner Eric Heisserer has “exhaustive” plans regarding season 2. “I have exhaustive plans and would love to activate them,” he says. “If you were to see my home office right now, I do look like one of those crazy people with the murder board where there’s just a bunch of maps and charts and string connecting things. The creative team and I are ready to roll if we hear that we get to come back.”

However, Netflix usually announces the renewal news a month after the release. That timeframe has long passed, so we’re kind of worried about that. This does not mean they will never announce it, but just keep in mind that there’s something unusual.

All in all, Netflix will probably announce Shadow and Bone season 2 soon.

When to expect Shadow and Bone season 2 to be released?

We’ll be waiting for the announcement of the release date after the renewal, right. Even though there’s nothing official on that yet, we can make some estimates by looking at the production process of the first season.

The production process first season of Shadow and Bone was around 5 months. It took place between October 2019 and February 2020. The pandemic slowed down the post-production process and affected the series just like every production in the industry. In the end, Shadow and Bone season 1 aired on April 2021.

If we assume that the crew will start filming season 2 by the end of summer, they’ll probably finish it by the end of 2021. When we add the post-production process, including VFX and all, we can expect them to release Shadow and Bone season 2 around early-mid 2022. This is pretty optimistic, because we think the pandemic would have less effect on the production than it did in the first season.

So, this means we can rule out a 2021 release date for Shadow and Bone season 2 unless Netflix already has it in hand, which is very unlikely. Shadow and Bone season 2 most probably won’t be on Netflix in 2021. They can wrap up the filming process by the end of 2021, though.

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