Will Sex Education season 3 be on Netflix in Fall 2021?

Will Sex Education season 3 be on Netflix in Fall 2021?

There are some rumors going on about Sex Education season 3 to be released on Netflix this October.

Sex Education is a Netflix Original comedy-drama series that debuted on the streaming platform in 2019. It is about a teenager, whose mother is a sex therapist, teaming up with a classmate to launch a covert sex therapy clinic in the school. Pretty interesting, eh?

The series became pretty popular after the release, so Netflix decided to make a second season for it. They released Sex Education season 2 a year after the first season. Fans have been waiting for the third season of Sex Education ever since.

As the wait is tense, there are inevitably many rumors surrounding the release date of Sex Education season 3. Recently, a photo appeared on Twitter that claimed an October release for Sex Education‘s third season. The poster looks pretty official and convincing, too. Therefore, many fans thought they finally had a solid release window on their hands. You can check out the photo below.

We have a bad piece of news for you if you are among those because the poster is not official. It is just a fan-made photo that does not convey anything official. For the record, an October 2021 release date is not off the table. On the contrary, it is very likely for Netflix to release Sex Education season 3 in October 2021. But there’s nothing certain about it yet, and the poster is just a fan-made thing.

What is the release date of Sex Education season 3?

Sex Education’s release schedule was pretty predictable, and it lined up with Netflix’s standards. However, the pandemic messed up all the scheduling for Sex Education, just like every major production.

They released the first season of Sex Education in January 2019. A month after the release, there was the renewal for the second season. The second season was released on Netflix in January 2020, almost exactly a year after the first season. Naturally, they announced the renewal of the series for season 3 in February 2020. So, everyone thought a January 2021 release date for Sex Education season 3 was almost certain. Damn you, COVID!

The pandemic delayed the production process of the new season by five months. However, it affected the release date of the season more. That’s because we’re not getting Sex Education season 3 five months after January 2021.

Netflix earlier confirmed the new season to be on the streaming platform in the second half of 2021. We know we won’t see it released this month, but it seems Sex Education season 3 is pretty close to be released. The crew must have finished the majority of the production process by now, given the ample amount of time they had.

Given all that, Netflix can seemingly release the season in Q3 2021. That includes October 2021 as well, however, it’s not likely that they will stretch it out that much. July 2021 seems possible but it’s a bit soon. August 2021 is the most feasible option in my opinion.

Let us remind you that those are all speculations. Netflix hasn’t confirmed anything officially apart from a second-half release.

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