Will Outlander Season 7 Be on Netflix in 2021?

Will Outlander Season 7 Be on Netflix in 2021?

Outlander has become one of the most beloved and talked-about shows without any question along with becoming also a must-watch affair as well. And recently, the anticipated series has also been renewed for its season 7 too as all Netflix subscribers still wait for the last 2 seasons that are still haven’t shown off on the platform yet. So, when will the rest of Outlander seasons along with the seventh release on Netflix?

Outlander is based on the same-named novel series written by Diana Gabaldon, and Ronald D. Moore has been on duty to create its adaptation for small-screen. Moore has been presenting the well-crafted story’s of a World War II nurse in Scotland as she gets sent back to 1743 and meets the Highland warrior Jaime Fraser. The show affects everyone with its fluent and mobile story as it also fills you up with love and all the feelings that excite you. So it’s a no-shocker that the series has been dragging everyone after itself even if they see it just for a moment. Literally, you can’t just leave it once you start.

Outlander has already been renewed for its season 7

The anticipation for the series along with its fan group keeps growing day by day. And it has grown so much that Outlander has already been renewed for its season 7 before even the sixth chapter airs. So you can almost touch the feeling of expectation for the time-bending romantic drama, which is also dubbed as “Droughtlander.” In the meantime, the eternal wait for season 6 also continues as well, but gladly Starz was fit to announce Outlander will also be with us for much more before we even get to chance to question and worry about it. Yay!

When will the rest of Outlander seasons along with the 7th come to Netflix?

So, let’s get down to the real question. Now that we know our beloved series will also be going for its seventh season as well, this also gives birth to a new question of when? Since we are still waiting for its 5th and 6th seasons to be released on Netflix, Outlander season 7 seems really suspicious for its arrival to Netflix anytime soon this year, unfortunately.

On the other side, there is still no official date revealed for Outlander season 6, which started production in January 2021. But it is expected to air on Netflix in late 2021. So this means the follow-up won’t be coming at least this year. Outlander season 7 official release date is also known for now, but some reports are indicating that it will consist of 12 installments and will be based on the seventh book in the series, An Echo in the Bone.

It seems fair enough at this moment to know that much, too. At least we got good news about the show along with an estimated release time of it. You can see the announcement clip of Outlander season 7 down below.

So make sure you stay tuned as we keep you updated for more details! In the meantime, you can also check out other exciting shows coming to Netflix such as the new anticipated series The Irregulars has also got a new trailer today!

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