Will ‘Euphoria’ Star, Javon Walton Joining ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Play Diego’s Son?

Will ‘Euphoria’ Star, Javon Walton Joining ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Play Diego’s Son?

HBO’s Euphoria for the right reasons is arguably the best show of the decade. It’s got pure filmmaking which had no restraints of a budget, leading to its worldwide acclaim. There is no stone left unturned in its making and it’s hard not to see the abundance of efforts put into it. It has the best writers in the industry and outstanding music by Labrinth as background score, for which he won an Emmy later. With the costume and the makeup so good the show feels like a celebration of youth. While all the actors played a huge role in raising the show’s value, Javon Walton was only eleven years old when the filming started, yet he outshone most of the cast. His small role as Ashtray was unforgettable to the eyes.

Javon Walton aka Ashtray from Euphoria will join The Umbrella Academy

The Euphoria cast, no matter who is now a star of their own. Some of the actors on Euphoria aren’t even actors, they were discovered and picked up from various places. Steve Harvey went on to discover Javon Walton and we saw him make his first TV appearance on his daily show, STEVE. Walton is a trained athlete and has won multiple championships including Georgia State Boxing Championship five times and the USA Boxing South East Regional Championship four times. Javon is now showing up in The Umbrella Academy and this is Netflix’s tweet about it.

The Umbrella Academy might just be THE show for someone like Javon who naturally looks like a child gangsta.

The show took off because of its style of abrupt suddenness- a very Tarantino-esque genre to see. The story revolves around seven children with superpowers who are raised by a billionaire to save the world. Their difficult personalities don’t permit them to work together, but the death of their father brings them all together once again; this time for a cause – to find the killer of their father.

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There are 43 children known to be born with superpowers in The Umbrella Academy universe. Javon might just be one of them and might team up with the other seven or even be the reason for their unity! The 15-year-old will appear in The Umbrella Academy in season 3 of the show which is releasing in June 2022.

Ashtray’s journey further

Euphoria season two fever has just settled but it’s left us grieving. Especially for Ashtray who lost a heroic fight against the police and was shot to death. It made the last episode of the show, and took the internet by storm, bringing appreciation and acclaim to Javon’s acting. As well as grief and anger to the fans. Following his death, the news of his entry into The Umbrella Academy has lit up the audiences. Some fans claimed to now watch The Umbrella Academy just for the sake of Javon.

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His character in the HBO show matures as an obvious result of early exposure to crime. There’s a passion in Ashtray to rebel against the intruders and he chooses death over surrender even in his last moments. His small character can’t be forgotten because of the gallantry it came with and the miserable end it met. We expect him to showcase the same in The Umbrella Academy.

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