Why Was Valhalla Important to Vikings? What Is Valhalla?

Why Was Valhalla Important to Vikings? What Is Valhalla?

Ever since Thor was introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the world fell in love with the Norse Mythology of Odin, Loki, and Ragnarok. After the immense success of Vikings and Netflix announcing its successor Vikings: Valhalla, the popularity and curiosity of people to understand Norse mythology has only grown.

In the first season of Vikings: Valhalla, one of the show’s central themes is the religious dilemma of the Vikings. The Characters are constantly pulling between Christianity and their Norse pagan beliefs. While others are still not fully committed to their religion. Siblings Freydis and Leif take a pilgrimage to Uppsala as a testament to their faith. We get multiple references to Norse mythology throughout the season, with the most important being Valhalla. But what does it mean?

What is Valhalla?

Thanks to the Thor movies, we are somewhat familiar with Norse termonologies like the Ragnarok- a series of catastrophes that leads to the end of the world, Asgard- home of the Gods, and many more. One such new term that Vikings: Valhalla introduced to us is Valhalla, and it is pretty important for the show even so much that it is in the title.

According to the Norse Mythology, Valhalla is a vast hall located in Asgard. Odin, the king of gods, rules over this majestic and beautiful hall. All those martyred warriors in battles go to Valhalla to join Odin in a series of feasts and drinking. Valhalla means “hall of the slain.”

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It is said that the soldiers in Valhalla will feast. Until the day of Ragnarok comes, when they will march out of Valhalla to fight with Odin against giants.

Why was Valhalla so important to The Vikings?

All Vikings in the show Vikings: Valhalla consider Valhalla to be of great importance, and it seems like it is a big part of their warrior lives.

The concept that a warrior who gives his life n the file will be rewarded immensely seems to comfort all the warriors while going into battle. Vikings believe in Valhalla because it serves the purpose of all life is a struggle. And no matter success or failure, all struggles are worthwhile. And eventually rewarded.

Be sure to check out season one of Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix. The show’s ending will keep you on your toes! And if you need any help understanding the ending read our article on it.

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