Why Imposters Should Be Revived for a Season 3 on Netflix?

Why Imposters Should Be Revived for a Season 3 on Netflix?

America’s most popular dark comedy television series is Imposters. The show was aired back in 2017, with 10 episodes on the Bravo cable network. After that, they also renewed it for a second season, which was aired in 2018. Subsequently, the Bravo cable network canceled the show. It ended just like that.

Imposters is an addictive show, where conmen robbed different strangers. The plot develops around a female con artist, Maddie, who is smart, charming, and beautiful. She conned people for a living. Her charming nature helped her to con men, but some of them were determined to take her down.

Little did she know, Madie’s next victim was her potential love interest. On one hand, there are three victims of Madie and on the other hand, her love interest. How will Madie survive?

Petitions were raised by the fans for Imposter season 3

Despite its popularity and an immense fan base, the show was discontinued for season 3.

Netflix can release the two seasons of Imposters. Fans always search for the show, so if Netflix picks up this show, they can re-watch the series peacefully. It will also increase the popularity of Netflix in the OTT platforms industry.

Fans are submitting a petition for the renewal of Season 3 of Imposter. As the characters are more relatable and realistic, the viewers want to enjoy the journey of Season 3.

Let us catch up with some comments on the petition for Season 3 of Imposters.

Is Imposter season 3 coming up on Netflix?

The fans of Imposter are requesting Netflix to pick up season 3, just like they did for Lucifer. Only for Lucifer’s fanbase, Netflix continued with the show. Bravo has no plans to continue with the show, so only Netflix can promise us something.

But Netflix didn’t make any official announcement for the renewal of season 3 of Imposters, and there is no rumor about it as well.

So, in the future, if Netflix announces the renewal of a new season; with all the production and filming, it will take at least over one year to make it appear on our screens.

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Would you want Netflix to revive with Imposter Season 3?

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