Why Did Lexi Leave Cheer? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Why Did Lexi Leave Cheer? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Many a time, we have heard the stories of some top-notch sports person having found tranquility and stability in the sports they practice. Having found her home in Cheerleading, Lexi Brumback of Cheer is one such entity. We saw this talented cheerleader in season 1 and a few scenes of season 2, but later she decided to sign off. Ever since fans have been wondering why did Lexi leave Cheer. Recently, the cheerleader opened up about the choices she made for herself.

This docuseries led its way to Netflix at the onset of the year 2020; introducing us to the cheerleading group of Navarro college based in Corsicana, Texas. Henceforth, we have been cheering with these cheerleaders for better or worse. Their jaw-dropping athletic spirit also made us realize that cheerleading is not just about waving glittery pom-poms. It takes hardcore practice, patience, and team spirit to build what they have.

Journey of Lexi Brumback in Cheer

This double-colored hair-skilled tumbler became a fan favorite as soon as the reality show hit the streaming service. Seemingly, she had a troubled past and cheerleading helped her rise from the ashes like a phoenix. She opened up about how she had to spend her childhood in juvenile detention and if it were not for this sport; she might have ended up in jail. Lexi was one of the most talented ones and helped the team to reach heights until the police caught her and her friends with drugs in the season 1 finale.

Because of this incident, coach Monica Aldama dismissed her from the team. Fortunately, charges against Lexi were dropped, and she was back to cheerleading in season 2, ready to create new records.

We see her and the coach all jocular and set in the mood to celebrate the moment.

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If happy to be back, why did she leave Cheer?

Seems like Covid-19 made many people part ways from a few things they loved, and find others they are passionate about! Lexi Brumback is among these talented and passionate humans who would not stop till they find out what they are actually made for. And Covid-19 was her chance.

However, coach Monica revealed little about Burback’s disappearance. Lately, Lexi opened up about her reason saying: “It was really hard to juggle it all when COVID hit,” Brumback explains, adding she felt closed off from the world and had a hard time adjusting from the grind of cheer and classes to not much at all. “I started falling behind in my classes, and then I wasn’t eligible to compete at Daytona anymore.”

Although the team didn’t feel the same without her, it was evident from the charges against Jerry Harris that Lexi wouldn’t want to come back. Cheer went down from competing in the annual Daytona cup to having to say goodbye to its favorite leaders.

What are Lexi’s future plans?

Talking to MySanAntonio, Lexi shared, “I really want to put all of my focus into my dreams. I love cheer, but that’s not the career path that I want to take with my life. Whenever I’m at Navarro, every single day is dedicated to cheer. She further says, “It’s hard to put your focus into anything else. I will go back to visit my Navarro babies and cheer them on because Navarro will definitely always be a part of who I am.”

Further, Brumback is already making a good amount of money by promoting big brands such as Savage X Fenty and Rihanna’s lingerie line. She has her own clothing brand called Hexx by Lexx as well. Moreover, she is a successful Instagram influencer with 808K followers.

While Lexy will always be rooted in her cheerleading history and all the fame and friends she made throughout; we respect her bold decision and wish her nothing but the best.

To know more about why Lexi left Cheer and her eternal relationship with the coach and her teammates, read this heartfelt interview with this skilled tumbler.

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