Why ‘All of us are dead’ Season 2 Could Boast Narratives Never Seen Before

Why ‘All of us are dead’ Season 2 Could Boast Narratives Never Seen Before

Discussing fan theories on forms of social media platforms isn’t a rarity. From Ozark to The Witcher, fans have loved to discuss the possibility of a second season and what it will focus on. All Of Us Are Dead and its potential season 2 is not an exception to this either.

The interesting thing about zombie apocalypse movies and shows is that the finale almost always leaves an open end. It can serve as an ending or as a perfect cliffhanger before the creators delve into details in the next season or sequel. The same goes for the possibility of season 2 of All Of Us Are Dead, the next big thing on Netflix.

Why is there a need for All Of Us Are Dead season 2?

A conspicuous detail involving season 1 is that there was so much death and destruction that we did not get to focus on the more important questions about the zombies. During this time, we were focusing on the students and the backstory of how these events came to unfurl. We learned how the virus was created by a scientist named Kim Byung-Chul. Viewers also watch the students find ways and means through which they could survive the zombie outbreak and also watched them eventually sacrifice themselves.

During this chaos, we never understood how the virus exactly functions. The show established the idea that the virus acts on fear and self-doubt. It reacted differently in different bodies. While students like Nam Ra were transformed into halfbies and retained their consciousness, others, unfortunately, became total zombies. This theory, however, is never confirmed. Season 2 can focus on these details, along with many other unanswered questions about the personal lives of the students of Hyosan High.

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What next?

Albeit more grounded in reality than others, All Of Us Are Dead, right from the beginning, seemed like a cliché zombie series. The show even paid homage to Train To Busan, the 2016 movie, acknowledging the fact that it draws from the same.

However, all of this changed quite drastically towards the end of the Netflix Original. This is when the idea of bombing the entire city came to light. As we all know very well this never came to be (yet). Instead, we see the students of Hyosan High in a quarantine camp. This sets up the show for an entirely unique set of possibilities and narratives that we have never seen before.

Considering how drastic and realistic the events that unfurled at Hyosan High were, season 2 of All Of Us Are Dead can be on a completely different level and scale as compared to its predecessor and other zombie apocalypse series.

Then again, these are all speculations. Until there is more news of the possibility of season 2, keep streaming the first one on Netflix and check out other K-dramas while you are at it!

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