Whom Does ‘The Principles of Pleasure Feature? How the Netflix Docuseries Break Taboos and Myths Using Science and Reason?

Whom Does ‘The Principles of Pleasure Feature? How the Netflix Docuseries Break Taboos and Myths Using Science and Reason?

A fun educational docuseries that invites and encourages women to talk about sexual pleasure. Sex and orgasms are largely treated as taboo subjects, but this three-part docu-series does wonder in inviting discussions regarding it and around it. Netflix uses pictures, diagrams, and brutally honest interviews in The Principles of Pleasure. Colored and disabled women are mostly left out of the picture. However, the series makes it a point to address that as well. It breaks down the myths regarding female bodies and is an eye-opener for all the females who are afraid to breach the topic. The docu-series will remind you of other Netflix documentaries like Headspace and Explained. For Netflix, this is a nice step forward. 

Time to explore the concept of pleasure from the point of women

Circle’s host, Michelle Buteau narrates the series. It has merely three episodes that run for 50 minutes each. Each episode tackles a separate topic. The first one is titled “Our Bodies”, the second “Our Minds” and the last “Our Relationships”. The first episode highlights female orgasms and the anatomy of the female reproductive organ. It also refers to the history and the research that has gone into the subject. Moreover, the show also brings up other important issues relating to female bodies like race.  

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The show tries to shatter the shame associated with female bodies. Episode 2 of The Principles of Pleasure on Netflix delves into the working of our brains. The hormones and emotions that we feel and the reason behind it. The third episode mainly talks about the kind of relationships that women want and look for. It gives importance to consent and even interviews women about watching p**n together with their partners. Both informative and comforting, the show has a no-judgment approach to these subjects. 

The Principles of Pleasure on Netflix reviews

Ready Steady Cut called The Michelle Buteau documentary, “An educational and entertaining series that promotes the mantra that everyone deserves pleasure. It’s encouraging that Netflix continues to endorse these essential types of documentaries.” The show is rated below 5 on IMDb. According to POPSUGAR: “Through interviews with sex therapists, scientists, and real people, “The Principles of Pleasure” aims to dispel these falsehoods, centering sex-positive ideologies and equipping viewers with the assurance and knowledge to confidently prioritize their own pleasure on their own terms in their sex lives.”

The show is streaming on the platform from March 22nd. Watch the informative series and let us know what you think about it in the comment section.

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