Whom Cillian Murphy Gifted His Popular Shelby Hat and Why? Where Is It Now

Whom Cillian Murphy Gifted His Popular Shelby Hat and Why? Where Is It Now

Actors always take something as memorabilia from the sets of their movies or shows. Sometimes the director and the crew gift it to them, or the actors just steal them(Chris Patt, we’re looking at you). And when you play a character as stylish as Thomas Shelby for seven years now, you are bound to take some pieces from his wardrobe. So what did Cillian Murphy take?

What did Cillian Murphy keep from the sets?

Now everyone knows what extravagant clothes do the Peaky Blinders wear. Even before they were as powerful and wealthy as they are currently in the series, they were always well-dressed devils. So it is natural the actors playing them wanted to take some of these fabulous tailored suits home. Well, that is what Cillian Murphy exactly did.

He has kept the sharp navy blue tuxedo from episode black cats of season five. Cillian says that even though he has the tuxedo with him. Even though the suit is comfortable, he never wore it as never an occasion came where he could. An exceptionally good tailor in Dublin makes the suits for the show.

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What happened to the iconic peaky hat and who has it?

The Peaky hat is probably the most essential component of the show. The hat is what gives the Peaky Blinders the name. So it is understood that the actors take them home. So when asked Cillian what he did with his season one hat. Cillian replied that he gifted it to David Bowie. Bowie was a massive fan of the show. And Bowie even made an album for the “Black Cats.” He even asked the creators to use songs from the album freely.

In one of the songs in the album, Bowie even wears the hat.

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