Who Was Jimmy Savile? What Is the Netflix Documentary ‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’ About?

Who Was Jimmy Savile? What Is the Netflix Documentary ‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’ About?

Britain’s most popular TV personality emerged as the most prolific sexual predator after his death. Once held in high esteem, the shocking revelation led the entire nation into a state of paralysis. The brand new Netflix documentary: Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story seeks to answer the question: how has the sexual deviant continued his nefarious activities under the spotlight for so long? 

The documentary uses a lot of footage from the past to chronicle Jimmy Savile’s life. In the style of most documentaries, it combines archival footage with interviews from people who were part of the investigation. The nature of the subject of the documentary has earned it a TV-MA rating.  

Jimmy Savile: No, that’s all a front, that’s all lies

No one could have imagined that the country’s most beloved TV personality was baring it all in front of them when he uttered these lines: “No, that’s all a front. That’s all lies.” He fooled the entire nation till his death because he had “eyes all over the head”. Apart from presenting on TV, the man was loved for his eccentricity, charm, and philanthropy. The queen granted him a knighthood, and the trailer reveals he met The Beatles, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana. 

He knew that fame and power gave him every door. With him, you accepted things as normal, but it was abnormal,” one of the interviewees said in the trailer. 

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But under the guise of philanthropy, he abused kids. After his death, some 450 sexual allegations were reported. This prompted an investigation and the investigation unearthed a side of him that the nation wasn’t ready for. His youngest victims were as young as 5. Moreover, this raised suspicions that the pedophile received help.

When will the documentary release on Netflix?

The trailer clues you in that this will be a harrowing watch. However, you still feel your entire body getting cold when Jimmy Savile asks a kid, “What did I ever do to you that you would draw that picture of me?” And then the camera zooms in on a grotesque picture of a pig. Catch the docuseries when it drops on April 6 on Netflix. No information is available on the number of episodes yet. 

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