‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 2 official trailer dropped a release date

‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 2 official trailer dropped a release date

Netflix shared the official trailer for Who Killed Sara season 2 which shows us the dark side of Sara.

Netflix’s popular Mexican crime-thriller series Who Killed Sara first debuted in March 2021. Many viewers have watched and loved the series since, and Netflix officially renewed it for a second season. However, it was probably already ready as its release date was so soon.

Who Killed Sara? fans were waiting for the second season after watching the first installment. Netflix did not take long to come up with a release date then. Now, they also shared an official trailer for the second season of the popular series. This new trailer also shows us that Sara was not as innocent as we thought before.

What is the synopsis of Who Killed Sara?

Here’s the synopsis of Who Killed Sara:

After being unjustly imprisoned for 18 years for the death of his sister, Alejandro Guzmán will return to the life of the powerful Lazcano family to reveal the secrets of the past, and take revenge on those responsible for Sara’s death.”

How many episodes does Who Killed Sara have?

There are currently 10 episodes of Who Killed Sara? on Netflix. We are going to see more episodes with the release of the second season.

Who are in the cast and the crew of Who Killed Sara?

The series stars Manola Cardona as Alex. We also see actors like Ginés García MillánCarolina MirandaAlejandro Nones in the cast of Who Killed Sara. The creator of the series is José Ignacio Valenzuela. David Ruiz and Bernardo De la Rosa Villarreal are the directors of the series.

What is the release date of Who Killed Sara season 2?

Netflix is going to release Who Killed Sara season 2 on May 19th, 2021. You can watch the official trailer of the new season below.

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