Who Is the Intimacy Coach Michaela Boehm From Sex, Love & Goop?

Who Is the Intimacy Coach Michaela Boehm From Sex, Love & Goop?

Gwyneth Paltrow and the amazing team at goop came out with Sex, Love, and goop. A six-episode series on Netflix, that explores what it means to be truly intimate in a relationship. “A continuation of goop’s mission to help our audience pursue the ineffable power of their own potential, [Sex, Love & goop] is a toolkit for finding more pleasure and connection in our romantic lives,” said Paltrow; and to add more to the credibility of the show, we have the intimacy expert Michaela Boehm as well.

Boehm is a popular relationship and intimacy expert; who has worked with an abundant number of celebrities including the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow. The chat that she had with Netflix highlighted the importance of therapy, body positivity, and much more in a relationship. The series features real-life couples who are brave enough to come out and talk about their relationship; read what Boehm feels about the show and get to know her and her life as a splendid speaker, writer, and psychotherapist.

What is Love, Sex, and goop all about?

Gwyneth Paltrow and goop, along with Michaela Boehm, have brought together this series called Sex, Love, and goop; where real-life couples will come forward and address the issues about their relationship. The show follows them as they make progress and better their bonds with their others; with the help of the in-house intimacy expert Boehm.

When asked about her experience working at this show, Boehm said, “I really loved the process. Seeing the transformation in the couples and showing possibilities to work with relational challenges in creative and practical ways was very moving as well as rewarding. My hope is that viewers will get access to information, education, and inspiration and through it explore healing and connection in their own relationships.”


Michaela Boehm: The Expert

The central figure of the show, intimacy expert Michaela, is also a traveler, teaching the importance of therapy globally. A powerful speaker and a counselor. With close to 30,000 hours of in-person counseling, Boehm is truly a star of her field of work. Her work with celebrity couples, unique somatic approach, and expertise have made her one of the most well-known people in the field of counseling.

Other than the current talk of the town, Love, Sex, and goop. Michaela has also featured on other television series on Netflix, including [UN] Well, The Descent, and more. She has even written a book called “The Wild Woman’s Way” which was published by Simon & Schuster/Atria in August 2018.

You can watch Love, Sex, and goop currently streaming on Netflix.

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